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type PGClient

type PGClient interface {
	//////Create or Update or Delele
	NewUser(users string, password string, role string, projects []string) error
	UpdateUser(id string, role string, projects []string) error
	DeleteUser(user int64) (err error)
	//////Auth func
	GetUserHash(user string) (hash string, err error)
	ChangeUserPassword(id int64, password string) (err error)
	GetUserPasswordExp(user string) (exp string, err error)
	//////Get users data
	GetAllUsers() (users []postgres.User, err error)
	GetUserRoleAndProjects(user string) (role string, projects []string, err error)
	GetUserIDAndRole(user string) (id int64, role string, err error)
	GetUserProjects(userID int64) (projects []string, err error)

	NewProject(project string) (err error)
	UpdateProject(id int64, project string, status string) (err error)
	DeleteProject(id int64) (err error)
	//////Get project data
	GetAllProjects() ([]postgres.Project, error)
	GetProjectsIDtoString(projects []string) (ids []string, err error)

	NewRole(role string) (err error)
	UpdateRole(id int64, role string) (err error)
	DeleteRole(id int64) (err error)
	//////Get Role data
	GetAllRoles() ([]postgres.Role, error)

	NewHost(ip string, user string, hostType string, projects []string) (err error)
	UpdateHost(id int64, ip string, hostType string, user string) (err error)
	DeleteHost(id int64) (err error)
	UpdatetHostProjects(id int64, projects []string) error
	//////Get Host data
	GetAllHosts() ([]postgres.Host, error)
	GetAllHostsWithProject(project string) ([]postgres.Host, error)
	HostIfExist(ip string) (bool, error)
	GetUsersAndHosts() (map[string]string, error)
	GetUserToHost(ip string) (user string, err error)
	//////Get Host data if host is generator
	GetAllGenerators() ([]postgres.Host, error)

	NewServiceBin(name string, typeService string, runSTR string, own string, projects []string) (err error)
	UpdateServiceBin(id int64, runSTR string, projects []string) (err error)
	DeleteServiceBin(id int64) (err error)
	//////Get ServiceBin data
	GetServiceBin(id int64) (*postgres.ServiceBin, error)
	GetAllServiceBinsByOwner(projectIDs []string) (*[]postgres.ServiceBinsByOwner, error)
	GetAllServiceBinsType() (*[]postgres.ServiceBin, error)

	NewService(name string, binsIB int64, host string, port int, typeService string, runSTR string, projects []string, owner string) (err error)
	UpdateService(id int64, port int, runSTR string) (err error)
	DeleteService(id int64) (err error)
	GetServicesByProject(projects []string) (*[]postgres.Service, error)
	/////Get service data
	GetAllServices() (*[]postgres.Service, error)
	GetService(id int64) (*postgres.Service, error)

	NewScenario(name string, typeTest string, gun string, projects string, params string) (err error)
	UpdateScenario(id int64, name string, typeTest string, gun string, projects string, params string) (err error)
	DeleteScenario(id int64) (err error)
	//////Get Scenario Data
	CheckScenario(name string, gun string, projects string) (res bool, err error)
	GetScenarioName(id int64) (res string, err error)
	GetNewRunID() (runID int64, err error)
	GetLastScenarioID() (id int64, err error)
	GetAllScenarios() (*[]postgres.Scenario, error)
	//////Manage scenario
	SetStartTest(testName string, testType string) (err error)
	SetStopTest(runID string) error

PGClient - postgres client impl

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