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func New

func New(clientType string, config interface{}) interface{}

New funct return client

func NewWebSocketUpgrader

func NewWebSocketUpgrader(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (res *websocket.Conn, err error)

NewWebSocketUpgrader - return new upgrade for websocket connect


type PGClient

type PGClient struct {
	DB *sql.DB

PGClient struct for postgres client

type SSHClient

type SSHClient struct {
	SHHConfig *ssh.ClientConfig

SSHClient - ssh client implementation struct, whit ssh config

func (SSHClient) CombinedOutput

func (c SSHClient) CombinedOutput(target string, str string) ([]byte, error)

CombinedOutput - run comand and wait os code and return combined values(output + error)

func (SSHClient) DeleteServiceFromRemoteHost

func (c SSHClient) DeleteServiceFromRemoteHost(serviceType string, name string, target string) (err error)

DeleteServiceFromRemoteHost - func connect to remote host and delete service

func (SSHClient) InstallServiceToRemoteHost

func (c SSHClient) InstallServiceToRemoteHost(serviceType string, name string, target string, archType string) (err error)

InstallServiceToRemoteHost -

func (SSHClient) New

func (c SSHClient) New(userName string) (subset.SSHClient, error)

New - return nuw ssh client interface

func (SSHClient) Ping

func (c SSHClient) Ping(target string) (res bool, err error)

Ping - func ping host, res false is host not avalible

func (SSHClient) Run

func (c SSHClient) Run(target string, str string) error

Run - run comant and wait os code

func (SSHClient) RunNoWait

func (c SSHClient) RunNoWait(target string, str string) error

RunNoWait - run comant no wait os code

func (SSHClient) SCP

func (c SSHClient) SCP(target, filePath, destinationPath string) error


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