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Status: barely working

This program is useful for me, but only in a limited fashion. It can download mail from GMail in a way that notmuch can index it, but there is no label/tag synchronization in either direction, and no synchronization of deleted mail.

Functionality and Goals

  1. Synchronize GMail messages to local disk, where they can be indexed with notmuch (see
  2. Synchronize GMail labels with notmuch tags, in both directions.
  3. Learn a bit about programming in Go. ;-)

This allows the user the best of both worlds: ubiquitous access to their email with the standard GMail interfaces, but access to the extremely flexible tagging, filtering, and email processing capabilities of notmuch.

Similar Programs

Gmailieer: -- addresses the same problem, and it is more complete than gotmuch. Written in Python.

muchsync: -- addrsses a different problem of synchronizing multiple notmuch mail stores.


This is not an official Google product.


The Go Gopher

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Path Synopsis
Pakage gmailhttp implements an HTTP client for gmail.
Pakage gmailhttp implements an HTTP client for gmail.

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