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This project is no longer maintained and never actually worked. If you'd like to take this project over, feel free to reach out to @mattcan. To be honest, it might be easier to start from scratch.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Demo Parser

The goals of this project are to:

  • port Valve's demoinfo application to Go
  • create a faster parser than the one provided by Valve
  • provide an increased number of profiles for specific data (all kills, all deaths, etc)
  • have the option to save directly to a database or CSV


  1. simple_d2_t_01 - 20.9s and 1331 frames
  • As a terrorist, spawn facing down mid
    • Buy Tec-9
    • Jump out of spawn and knife run down mid to double doors
    • Fire 4 shots straight ahead
  1. simple_d2_t_02 - 16.9s and 1080 frames
  • From double doors, knife run into CT spawn
    • Turn 180 degrees
    • Fire four shots and B doors
    • Reload
  1. simple_d2_t_03 - 72s and 4595 frames
  • From spawn, B side, knife run through tunnels to B
    • Plant bomb
    • Wait for explosion


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