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type Handler

type Handler struct {
	Path        string
	Description string
	Handler     http.Handler

Handler is the representation of an HTTP handler that would be used by the metrics server to expose the metrics

type PrometheusProvider

type PrometheusProvider struct {
	Registry *prometheus.Registry
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PrometheusProvider is the implementation of the Provider interface to send metrics to Prometheus.

func NewPrometheusProvider

func NewPrometheusProvider() *PrometheusProvider

NewPrometheusProvider creates a new prometheus metrics provider It'll create the provider and initialize all the needed metric objects.

func (*PrometheusProvider) Handler

func (p *PrometheusProvider) Handler() Handler

Handler returns the handler that would be used by the metrics server to expose the metrics.

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseCronTaskErrors

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseCronTaskErrors(name string)

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseGithubCacheHits

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseGithubCacheHits(method, handler string)

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseGithubCacheMisses

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseGithubCacheMisses(method, handler string)

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseRateLimiterErrors added in v0.3.0

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseRateLimiterErrors()

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseWebhookErrors

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseWebhookErrors(name string)

func (*PrometheusProvider) IncreaseWebhookRequest

func (p *PrometheusProvider) IncreaseWebhookRequest(name string)

func (*PrometheusProvider) ObserveCronTaskDuration

func (p *PrometheusProvider) ObserveCronTaskDuration(name string, elapsed float64)

func (*PrometheusProvider) ObserveGithubRequestDuration

func (p *PrometheusProvider) ObserveGithubRequestDuration(handler, method, statusCode string, elapsed float64)

func (*PrometheusProvider) ObserveHTTPRequestDuration

func (p *PrometheusProvider) ObserveHTTPRequestDuration(handler, method, statusCode string, elapsed float64)

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewServer

func NewServer(port string, handler Handler, pprof bool) *Server

NewServer creates a new metrics server. It receives a handler to expose the metrics from a provider. Right now we're just exposing one handler but in the future it'd support a slice of handlers Also, you can activate/deactivate pprof profiles as well setting the pprof argument to true

func (*Server) Start

func (m *Server) Start()

Start starts the metrics server in the provider port

func (*Server) Stop

func (m *Server) Stop()

Stop gracefully stops the server


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Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.

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