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Published: Jan 22, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0




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const (
	Server  = "server"
	Webapp  = "webapp"
	Mobile  = "mobile"
	Plugins = "plugins"
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const (
	UserIDGuru    = "test-user-guru"
	UserIDServer1 = "test-user-server1"
	UserIDServer2 = "test-user-server2"
	UserIDServer3 = "test-user-server3"
	UserIDWebapp1 = "test-user-webapp1"
	UserIDWebapp2 = "test-user-webapp2"
	UserIDWebapp3 = "test-user-webapp3"
	UserIDMobile1 = "test-user-mobile1"
	UserIDMobile2 = "test-user-mobile2"
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const RotationID = "test-rotation-ID"
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const RotationName = "test-rotation"


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func AllUsers

func AllUsers() *sl.Users

func C1Any

func C1Any() sl.Need

func C1MobileL1

func C1MobileL1() sl.Need

func C1MobileL2

func C1MobileL2() sl.Need

func C1MobileL3

func C1MobileL3() sl.Need

func C1MobileL4

func C1MobileL4() sl.Need

func C1ServerL1

func C1ServerL1() sl.Need

func C1ServerL2

func C1ServerL2() sl.Need

func C1ServerL3

func C1ServerL3() sl.Need

func C1ServerL4

func C1ServerL4() sl.Need

func C1WebappL1

func C1WebappL1() sl.Need

func C1WebappL2

func C1WebappL2() sl.Need

func C1WebappL3

func C1WebappL3() sl.Need

func C1WebappL4

func C1WebappL4() sl.Need

func C2Any

func C2Any() sl.Need

func C2MobileL1

func C2MobileL1() sl.Need

func C2MobileL2

func C2MobileL2() sl.Need

func C2MobileL3

func C2MobileL3() sl.Need

func C2MobileL4

func C2MobileL4() sl.Need

func C2ServerL1

func C2ServerL1() sl.Need

func C2ServerL2

func C2ServerL2() sl.Need

func C2ServerL3

func C2ServerL3() sl.Need

func C2ServerL4

func C2ServerL4() sl.Need

func C2WebappL1

func C2WebappL1() sl.Need

func C2WebappL2

func C2WebappL2() sl.Need

func C2WebappL3

func C2WebappL3() sl.Need

func C2WebappL4

func C2WebappL4() sl.Need

func C3Any

func C3Any() sl.Need

func C3_ServerL1

func C3_ServerL1() sl.Need

func GetTestRotation

func GetTestRotation() *sl.Rotation

func MobileL1

func MobileL1() sl.SkillLevel

func MobileL2

func MobileL2() sl.SkillLevel

func MobileL3

func MobileL3() sl.SkillLevel

func MobileL4

func MobileL4() sl.SkillLevel

func ServerL1

func ServerL1() sl.SkillLevel

func ServerL2

func ServerL2() sl.SkillLevel

func ServerL3

func ServerL3() sl.SkillLevel

func ServerL4

func ServerL4() sl.SkillLevel

func SkilledUser

func SkilledUser(mattermostUserID types.ID, skillLevels ...interface{}) *sl.User

func Skillmap

func Skillmap(skillLevels ...interface{}) *types.IntSet

func UserGuru

func UserGuru() *sl.User

func UserMobile1

func UserMobile1() *sl.User

func UserMobile2

func UserMobile2() *sl.User

func UserServer1

func UserServer1() *sl.User

func UserServer2

func UserServer2() *sl.User

func UserServer3

func UserServer3() *sl.User

func UserWebapp1

func UserWebapp1() *sl.User

func UserWebapp2

func UserWebapp2() *sl.User

func UserWebapp3

func UserWebapp3() *sl.User

func WebappL1

func WebappL1() sl.SkillLevel

func WebappL2

func WebappL2() sl.SkillLevel

func WebappL3

func WebappL3() sl.SkillLevel

func WebappL4

func WebappL4() sl.SkillLevel


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