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var ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")
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var ErrTryAgain = errors.New("try again")


func Ensure

func Ensure(s KVStore, key string, newValue []byte) ([]byte, error)

func LoadJSON

func LoadJSON(s KVStore, key string, v interface{}) (returnErr error)

func NameFromID

func NameFromID(id types.ID) string

func StoreJSON

func StoreJSON(s KVStore, key string, v interface{}) (returnErr error)


type EntityStore

type EntityStore interface {
	Delete(types.ID) error
	Load(types.ID, interface{}) error
	NewID(name string) (types.ID, error)
	Store(types.ID, interface{}) error

type IDIndexStore

type IDIndexStore interface {
	Load() (*types.IDSet, error)
	Store(*types.IDSet) error
	Delete(types.ID) error
	Set(types.ID) (bool, error)

type KVStore

type KVStore interface {
	Load(key string) ([]byte, error)
	Store(key string, data []byte) error
	StoreTTL(key string, data []byte, ttlSeconds int64) error
	Delete(key string) error
	Keys() ([]string, error)
	Flush() []error

func NewCacheKVStore

func NewCacheKVStore(s KVStore) KVStore

func NewHashedKeyStore

func NewHashedKeyStore(s KVStore, prefix string) KVStore

func NewPluginStore

func NewPluginStore(api plugin.API) KVStore

func NewPluginStoreWithExpiry

func NewPluginStoreWithExpiry(api plugin.API, ttl time.Duration) KVStore

type OneTimeStore

type OneTimeStore KVStore

OneTimeStore is a KV store that deletes each record after the first load,

func NewOneTimePluginStore

func NewOneTimePluginStore(api plugin.API, ttl time.Duration) OneTimeStore

func NewOneTimeStore

func NewOneTimeStore(kv KVStore) OneTimeStore

type Store

type Store interface {

	Entity(string) EntityStore
	ValueIndex(string, types.ValueArray) ValueIndexStore
	IDIndex(string) IDIndexStore

func NewStore

func NewStore(kv KVStore) Store

type ValueIndexStore

type ValueIndexStore interface {
	Load() (*types.ValueSet, error)
	Store(*types.ValueSet) error
	Delete(id types.ID) error
	StoreValue(v types.Value) error

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