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type ECRClient

type ECRClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ECRClient holds a connection to AWS ECR.

func NewECRClient

func NewECRClient(region string) *ECRClient

NewECRClient initializes an ECRClient.

func (*ECRClient) BatchPurge

func (c *ECRClient) BatchPurge(repository string, images []*ecr.ImageIdentifier) error

BatchPurge will batch delete images by the image identifiers.

func (*ECRClient) ListImages

func (c *ECRClient) ListImages(repository string) ([]*ecr.ImageIdentifier, error)

ListImages will return all image identifiers for a given repository.

func (*ECRClient) ListRepositories

func (c *ECRClient) ListRepositories() ([]string, error)

ListRepositories will return all ECR repositories as []string.

func (*ECRClient) PurgeImages

func (c *ECRClient) PurgeImages(repository string, images []*ecr.ImageIdentifier) error

PurgeImages will batch delete images by image identitfier in sets of 100.

type ECSClient

type ECSClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ECSClient holds a connection to AWS ECS.

func NewECSClient

func NewECSClient(region string) *ECSClient

NewECSClient initializes an ECSClient.

func (*ECSClient) FindActiveImages

func (c *ECSClient) FindActiveImages() ([]string, error)

FindActiveImages will initiate a connection with ECS, parsing out image names from all running tasks/clusters, returning them as a []string.

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