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AppMaker Example ====

This example demonstrates how to utilize DiscordGo to create Bot Applications.

You can create a new bot account, view the list of applications you have, and delete applications.


This assumes you already have a working Go environment setup and that DiscordGo is correctly installed on your system.

go build


Usage of ./appmaker:
  -a string
        App/Bot Name
  -d string
        Application ID to delete
  -e string
        Account Email
  -l    List Applications Only
  -p string
        Account Password
  -t string
        Account Token
  • Account Email and Password or Token are required. The account provided with these fields will be the "owner" of any bot applications created.

  • If you provide the -l flag than appmaker will only display a list of applications on the provided account.

  • If you provide a -d flag with a valid application ID then that application will be deleted.

Below example will create a new Bot Application under the given Email/Password account. The Bot will be named DiscordGoRocks

./appmaker -e Email -p Password -a DiscordGoRocks


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