Go Bindings for Gtk+ 2. Support version 2.16 and later.



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    const (
    	STOCK_ABOUT                         = "gtk-about"
    	STOCK_ADD                           = "gtk-add"
    	STOCK_APPLY                         = "gtk-apply"
    	STOCK_BOLD                          = "gtk-bold"
    	STOCK_CANCEL                        = "gtk-cancel"
    	STOCK_CAPS_LOCK_WARNING             = "gtk-caps-lock-warning"
    	STOCK_CDROM                         = "gtk-cdrom"
    	STOCK_CLEAR                         = "gtk-clear"
    	STOCK_CLOSE                         = "gtk-close"
    	STOCK_COLOR_PICKER                  = "gtk-color-picker"
    	STOCK_CONVERT                       = "gtk-convert"
    	STOCK_CONNECT                       = "gtk-connect"
    	STOCK_COPY                          = "gtk-copy"
    	STOCK_CUT                           = "gtk-cut"
    	STOCK_DELETE                        = "gtk-delete"
    	STOCK_DIALOG_AUTHENTICATION         = "gtk-dialog-authentication"
    	STOCK_DIALOG_INFO                   = "gtk-dialog-info"
    	STOCK_DIALOG_WARNING                = "gtk-dialog-warning"
    	STOCK_DIALOG_ERROR                  = "gtk-dialog-error"
    	STOCK_DIALOG_QUESTION               = "gtk-dialog-question"
    	STOCK_DIRECTORY                     = "gtk-directory"
    	STOCK_DISCARD                       = "gtk-discard"
    	STOCK_DISCONNECT                    = "gtk-disconnect"
    	STOCK_DND                           = "gtk-dnd"
    	STOCK_DND_MULTIPLE                  = "gtk-dnd-multiple"
    	STOCK_EDIT                          = "gtk-edit"
    	STOCK_EXECUTE                       = "gtk-execute"
    	STOCK_FILE                          = "gtk-file"
    	STOCK_FIND                          = "gtk-find"
    	STOCK_FIND_AND_REPLACE              = "gtk-find-and-replace"
    	STOCK_FLOPPY                        = "gtk-floppy"
    	STOCK_FULLSCREEN                    = "gtk-fullscreen"
    	STOCK_GOTO_BOTTOM                   = "gtk-goto-bottom"
    	STOCK_GOTO_FIRST                    = "gtk-goto-first"
    	STOCK_GOTO_LAST                     = "gtk-goto-last"
    	STOCK_GOTO_TOP                      = "gtk-goto-top"
    	STOCK_GO_BACK                       = "gtk-go-back"
    	STOCK_GO_DOWN                       = "gtk-go-down"
    	STOCK_GO_FORWARD                    = "gtk-go-forward"
    	STOCK_GO_UP                         = "gtk-go-up"
    	STOCK_HARDDISK                      = "gtk-harddisk"
    	STOCK_HELP                          = "gtk-help"
    	STOCK_HOME                          = "gtk-home"
    	STOCK_INDEX                         = "gtk-index"
    	STOCK_INDENT                        = "gtk-indent"
    	STOCK_INFO                          = "gtk-info"
    	STOCK_UNINDENT                      = "gtk-unindent"
    	STOCK_ITALIC                        = "gtk-italic"
    	STOCK_JUMP_TO                       = "gtk-jump-to"
    	STOCK_JUSTIFY_CENTER                = "gtk-justify-center"
    	STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL                  = "gtk-justify-fill"
    	STOCK_JUSTIFY_LEFT                  = "gtk-justify-left"
    	STOCK_JUSTIFY_RIGHT                 = "gtk-justify-right"
    	STOCK_LEAVE_FULLSCREEN              = "gtk-leave-fullscreen"
    	STOCK_MISSING_IMAGE                 = "gtk-missing-image"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_FORWARD                 = "gtk-media-forward"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_NEXT                    = "gtk-media-next"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_PAUSE                   = "gtk-media-pause"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_PLAY                    = "gtk-media-play"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_PREVIOUS                = "gtk-media-previous"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_RECORD                  = "gtk-media-record"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_REWIND                  = "gtk-media-rewind"
    	STOCK_MEDIA_STOP                    = "gtk-media-stop"
    	STOCK_NETWORK                       = "gtk-network"
    	STOCK_NEW                           = "gtk-new"
    	STOCK_NO                            = "gtk-no"
    	STOCK_OK                            = "gtk-ok"
    	STOCK_OPEN                          = "gtk-open"
    	STOCK_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT          = "gtk-orientation-portrait"
    	STOCK_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE         = "gtk-orientation-landscape"
    	STOCK_ORIENTATION_REVERSE_LANDSCAPE = "gtk-orientation-reverse-landscape"
    	STOCK_ORIENTATION_REVERSE_PORTRAIT  = "gtk-orientation-reverse-portrait"
    	STOCK_PAGE_SETUP                    = "gtk-page-setup"
    	STOCK_PASTE                         = "gtk-paste"
    	STOCK_PREFERENCES                   = "gtk-preferences"
    	STOCK_PRINT                         = "gtk-print"
    	STOCK_PRINT_ERROR                   = "gtk-print-error"
    	STOCK_PRINT_PAUSED                  = "gtk-print-paused"
    	STOCK_PRINT_PREVIEW                 = "gtk-print-preview"
    	STOCK_PRINT_REPORT                  = "gtk-print-report"
    	STOCK_PRINT_WARNING                 = "gtk-print-warning"
    	STOCK_PROPERTIES                    = "gtk-properties"
    	STOCK_QUIT                          = "gtk-quit"
    	STOCK_REDO                          = "gtk-redo"
    	STOCK_REFRESH                       = "gtk-refresh"
    	STOCK_REMOVE                        = "gtk-remove"
    	STOCK_REVERT_TO_SAVED               = "gtk-revert-to-saved"
    	STOCK_SAVE                          = "gtk-save"
    	STOCK_SAVE_AS                       = "gtk-save-as"
    	STOCK_SELECT_ALL                    = "gtk-select-all"
    	STOCK_SELECT_COLOR                  = "gtk-select-color"
    	STOCK_SELECT_FONT                   = "gtk-select-font"
    	STOCK_SORT_ASCENDING                = "gtk-sort-ascending"
    	STOCK_SORT_DESCENDING               = "gtk-sort-descending"
    	STOCK_SPELL_CHECK                   = "gtk-spell-check"
    	STOCK_STOP                          = "gtk-stop"
    	STOCK_STRIKETHROUGH                 = "gtk-strikethrough"
    	STOCK_UNDELETE                      = "gtk-undelete"
    	STOCK_UNDERLINE                     = "gtk-underline"
    	STOCK_UNDO                          = "gtk-undo"
    	STOCK_YES                           = "gtk-yes"
    	STOCK_ZOOM_100                      = "gtk-zoom-100"
    	STOCK_ZOOM_FIT                      = "gtk-zoom-fit"
    	STOCK_ZOOM_IN                       = "gtk-zoom-in"
    	STOCK_ZOOM_OUT                      = "gtk-zoom-out"

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkStockItem -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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      const (
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      const (
      	TYPE_CHAR    = glib.G_TYPE_CHAR
      	TYPE_UCHAR   = glib.G_TYPE_UCHAR
      	TYPE_BOOL    = glib.G_TYPE_BOOL
      	TYPE_INT     = glib.G_TYPE_INT
      	TYPE_UINT    = glib.G_TYPE_UINT
      	TYPE_LONG    = glib.G_TYPE_LONG
      	TYPE_ULONG   = glib.G_TYPE_ULONG
      	TYPE_FLOAT   = glib.G_TYPE_FLOAT
      	TYPE_BOXED   = glib.G_TYPE_BOXED

        ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkListStore -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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        const (
        	RESIZE_PARENT    = ResizeMode(0)
        	RESIZE_QUEUE     = ResizeMode(1)
        	RESIZE_IMMEDIATE = ResizeMode(2)


        This section is empty.


        func ABOUT_DIALOG

        func ABOUT_DIALOG(p *AboutDialog) *C.GtkAboutDialog

        func ACCEL_LABEL

        func ACCEL_LABEL(p *AccelLabel) *C.GtkAccelLabel

        func ACCESSIBLE

        func ACCESSIBLE(p *Accessible) *C.GtkAccessible

        func ACTION

        func ACTION(p *Action) *C.GtkAction

        func ACTION_GROUP

        func ACTION_GROUP(p *ActionGroup) *C.GtkActionGroup

        func ACTIVATABLE

        func ACTIVATABLE(p *Activatable) *C.GtkActivatable

        func ADJUSTMENT

        func ADJUSTMENT(p *Adjustment) *C.GtkAdjustment

        func ALIGNMENT

        func ALIGNMENT(p *Alignment) *C.GtkAlignment

        func ARROW

        func ARROW(p *Arrow) *C.GtkArrow

        func ASSISTANT

        func ASSISTANT(p *Assistant) *C.GtkAssistant

        func AS_GWIDGET

        func AS_GWIDGET(p unsafe.Pointer) *C.GtkWidget

        func AcceleratorGetDefaultModMask

        func AcceleratorGetDefaultModMask() uint

        func AcceleratorParse

        func AcceleratorParse(accelerator string) (uint, gdk.ModifierType)

          Parse string representing an accelerator and return the key code and the modifier masks.

          func BIN

          func BIN(p *Bin) *C.GtkBin

          func BOX

          func BOX(p *Box) *C.GtkBox

          func BUTTON

          func BUTTON(p *Button) *C.GtkButton

          func BinaryAge

          func BinaryAge() uint

          func CALENDAR

          func CALENDAR(p *Calendar) *C.GtkCalendar

          func CELL_RENDERER_TEXT

          func CELL_RENDERER_TEXT(p *CellRendererText) *C.GtkCellRendererText


          func CELL_RENDERER_TOGGLE(p *CellRendererToggle) *C.GtkCellRendererToggle

          func CHECK_MENU_ITEM

          func CHECK_MENU_ITEM(p *CheckMenuItem) *C.GtkCheckMenuItem

          func COLOR_BUTTON

          func COLOR_BUTTON(p *ColorButton) *C.GtkColorButton

          func COMBO_BOX

          func COMBO_BOX(p *ComboBox) *C.GtkComboBox

          func COMBO_BOX_ENTRY

          func COMBO_BOX_ENTRY(p *ComboBoxEntry) *C.GtkComboBoxEntry

          func COMBO_BOX_TEXT

          func COMBO_BOX_TEXT(p *ComboBoxText) *C.GtkComboBoxText

          func CONTAINER

          func CONTAINER(p *Container) *C.GtkContainer

          func CheckVersion

          func CheckVersion(major uint, minor uint, micro uint) string

          func DIALOG

          func DIALOG(p *Dialog) *C.GtkDialog

          func DRAWING_AREA

          func DRAWING_AREA(p *DrawingArea) *C.GtkDrawingArea

          func ENTRY

          func ENTRY(p *Entry) *C.GtkEntry

          func EXPANDER

          func EXPANDER(p *Expander) *C.GtkExpander

          func EventsPending

          func EventsPending() bool

          func FILE_CHOOSER

          func FILE_CHOOSER(p *Widget) *C.GtkFileChooser

          func FIXED

          func FIXED(p *Fixed) *C.GtkFixed

          func FONT_BUTTON

          func FONT_BUTTON(p *FontButton) *C.GtkFontButton

          func FONT_SELECTION

          func FONT_SELECTION(p *FontSelection) *C.GtkFontSelection

          func FRAME

          func FRAME(p *Frame) *C.GtkFrame

          func GetCurrentEventTime

          func GetCurrentEventTime() uint32

          func ICON_VIEW

          func ICON_VIEW(p *IconView) *C.GtkIconView

          func IMAGE

          func IMAGE(p *Image) *C.GtkImage

          func IMAGE_MENU_ITEM

          func IMAGE_MENU_ITEM(p *ImageMenuItem) *C.GtkImageMenuItem

          func INFO_BAR

          func INFO_BAR(p *InfoBar) *C.GtkInfoBar

          func ITEM

          func ITEM(p *Item) *C.GtkItem

          func IconSizeLookup

          func IconSizeLookup(size IconSize) (width int, height int)


            func Init

            func Init(args *[]string)

            func InterfaceAge

            func InterfaceAge() uint

            func LABEL

            func LABEL(p *Label) *C.GtkLabel

            func LAYOUT

            func LAYOUT(p *Layout) *C.GtkLayout
            func LINK_BUTTON(p *LinkButton) *C.GtkLinkButton
            func MENU(p *Menu) *C.GtkMenu
            func MENU_BAR(p *MenuBar) *C.GtkMenuBar
            func MENU_ITEM(p *MenuItem) *C.GtkMenuItem
            func MENU_SHELL(p *MenuShell) *C.GtkMenuShell
            func MENU_TOOL_BUTTON(p *MenuToolButton) *C.GtkMenuToolButton

            func MESSAGE_DIALOG

            func MESSAGE_DIALOG(p *MessageDialog) *C.GtkMessageDialog

            func MISC

            func MISC(m *Misc) *C.GtkMisc

            func Main

            func Main()

            func MainIteration

            func MainIteration() bool

            func MainIterationDo

            func MainIterationDo(blocking bool) bool

            func MainQuit

            func MainQuit()

            func MajorVersion

            func MajorVersion() uint

              ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Version Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------

              func MicroVersion

              func MicroVersion() uint

              func MinorVersion

              func MinorVersion() uint

              func NOTEBOOK

              func NOTEBOOK(p *Notebook) *C.GtkNotebook

              func PANED

              func PANED(p *Paned) *C.GtkPaned

              func PROGRESS_BAR

              func PROGRESS_BAR(p *ProgressBar) *C.GtkProgressBar

              func RADIO_ACTION

              func RADIO_ACTION(p *RadioAction) *C.GtkRadioAction

              func RADIO_BUTTON

              func RADIO_BUTTON(p *RadioButton) *C.GtkRadioButton

              func RADIO_MENU_ITEM

              func RADIO_MENU_ITEM(p *RadioMenuItem) *C.GtkRadioMenuItem

              func RANGE

              func RANGE(p *Range) *C.GtkRange

              func RCParse

              func RCParse(file string)

              func RCParseString

              func RCParseString(style string)

              func RCReparseAll

              func RCReparseAll() bool

              func RCResetStyles

              func RCResetStyles(settings *Settings)

              func RECENT_ACTION

              func RECENT_ACTION(p *RecentAction) *C.GtkRecentAction

              func SCALE

              func SCALE(p *Scale) *C.GtkScale

              func SCALEBUTTON

              func SCALEBUTTON(p *ScaleButton) *C.GtkScaleButton

              func SCROLLED_WINDOW

              func SCROLLED_WINDOW(p *ScrolledWindow) *C.GtkScrolledWindow

              func SEPARATOR_TOOL_ITEM

              func SEPARATOR_TOOL_ITEM(p *SeparatorToolItem) *C.GtkSeparatorToolItem

              func SPINNER

              func SPINNER(s *Spinner) *C.GtkSpinner

              func SPIN_BUTTON

              func SPIN_BUTTON(p *SpinButton) *C.GtkSpinButton

              func STATUSBAR

              func STATUSBAR(p *Statusbar) *C.GtkStatusbar

              func STYLE

              func STYLE(p *Style) *C.GtkStyle

              func SetLocale

              func SetLocale()

                Deprecated since 2.24. Use setlocale() directly. (see

                func StatusIconPositionMenu

                func StatusIconPositionMenu(menu *Menu, px, py *int, push_in *bool, data interface{})

                func StockListIDs

                func StockListIDs() *glib.SList

                func StockLookup

                func StockLookup(stock_id string, item *StockItem) bool

                func TABLE

                func TABLE(p *Table) *C.GtkTable

                func TEXT_BUFFER

                func TEXT_BUFFER(p unsafe.Pointer) *C.GtkTextBuffer

                func TEXT_TAG

                func TEXT_TAG(p unsafe.Pointer) *C.GtkTextTag

                func TEXT_VIEW

                func TEXT_VIEW(p *TextView) *C.GtkTextView

                func TOGGLE_ACTION

                func TOGGLE_ACTION(p *ToggleAction) *C.GtkToggleAction

                func TOGGLE_BUTTON

                func TOGGLE_BUTTON(p *ToggleButton) *C.GtkToggleButton

                func TOGGLE_TOOL_BUTTON

                func TOGGLE_TOOL_BUTTON(p *ToggleToolButton) *C.GtkToggleToolButton

                func TOOLBAR

                func TOOLBAR(p *Toolbar) *C.GtkToolbar

                func TOOL_BUTTON

                func TOOL_BUTTON(p *ToolButton) *C.GtkToolButton

                func TOOL_ITEM

                func TOOL_ITEM(p *ToolItem) *C.GtkToolItem

                func TOOL_ITEM_GROUP

                func TOOL_ITEM_GROUP(p *ToolItemGroup) *C.GtkToolItemGroup

                func TOOL_PALETTE

                func TOOL_PALETTE(p *ToolPalette) *C.GtkToolPalette

                func TREE_VIEW

                func TREE_VIEW(p *TreeView) *C.GtkTreeView

                func ToNative

                func ToNative(w IWidget) *C.GtkWidget

                func UI_MANAGER

                func UI_MANAGER(p *UIManager) *C.GtkUIManager

                func VIEWPORT

                func VIEWPORT(p *Viewport) *C.GtkViewport

                func WIDGET

                func WIDGET(p *Widget) *C.GtkWidget

                func WINDOW

                func WINDOW(p *Window) *C.GtkWindow


                type AboutDialog

                type AboutDialog struct {

                  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAboutDialog -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                  func NewAboutDialog

                  func NewAboutDialog() *AboutDialog

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetArtists

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetArtists() []string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetAuthors

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetAuthors() []string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetComments

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetComments() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetCopyright

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetCopyright() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetDocumenters

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetDocumenters() []string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetLicense

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetLicense() string
                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetLogo() *gdkpixbuf.Pixbuf

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetLogoIconName

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetLogoIconName() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetProgramName

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetProgramName() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetTranslatorCredits

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetTranslatorCredits() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetVersion

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetVersion() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetWebsite

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetWebsite() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetWebsiteLabel

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetWebsiteLabel() string

                  func (*AboutDialog) GetWrapLicense

                  func (v *AboutDialog) GetWrapLicense() bool

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetArtists

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetArtists(artists []string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetAuthors

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetAuthors(authors []string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetComments

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetComments(comments string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetCopyright

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetCopyright(copyright string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetDocumenters

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetDocumenters(documenters []string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetLicense

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetLicense(license string)
                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetLogo(logo *gdkpixbuf.Pixbuf)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetLogoIconName

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetLogoIconName(icon_name string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetProgramName

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetProgramName(name string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetTranslatorCredits

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetTranslatorCredits(translator_credits string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetVersion

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetVersion(version string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetWebsite

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetWebsite(website string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetWebsiteLabel

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetWebsiteLabel(website_label string)

                  func (*AboutDialog) SetWrapLicense

                  func (v *AboutDialog) SetWrapLicense(wrap_license bool)

                  type AccelFlags

                  type AccelFlags int
                  const (
                  	ACCEL_VISIBLE AccelFlags = 1 << iota
                  	ACCEL_MASK = 0x07

                  type AccelGroup

                  type AccelGroup struct {
                  	GAccelGroup *C.GtkAccelGroup

                    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAccelGroup -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                    func NewAccelGroup

                    func NewAccelGroup() *AccelGroup

                    type AccelLabel

                    type AccelLabel struct {

                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAccelLabel ----------------------------------------------------------------------- type IAccelLabel interface {

                      GetAccelWidget() GtkWidget


                      func NewAccelLabel

                      func NewAccelLabel(label string) *AccelLabel

                      func (*AccelLabel) GetAccelWidget

                      func (v *AccelLabel) GetAccelWidget() Widget

                      func (*AccelLabel) GetAccelWidth

                      func (v *AccelLabel) GetAccelWidth() uint

                      func (*AccelLabel) Refetch

                      func (v *AccelLabel) Refetch() bool

                      func (*AccelLabel) SetAccelWidget

                      func (v *AccelLabel) SetAccelWidget(w IWidget)

                      type Accessible

                      type Accessible struct {

                        ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAccessible -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                        func (*Accessible) ConnectWidgetDestroyed

                        func (v *Accessible) ConnectWidgetDestroyed()

                        func (*Accessible) GetWidget

                        func (v *Accessible) GetWidget() *Widget

                        func (*Accessible) SetWidget

                        func (v *Accessible) SetWidget(w IWidget)

                        type Action

                        type Action struct {

                        func NewAction

                        func NewAction(name string, label string, tooltip string, stock_id string) *Action

                        func (*Action) Activate

                        func (v *Action) Activate()

                        func (*Action) BlockActivate

                        func (v *Action) BlockActivate()

                        func (*Action) BlockActivateFrom

                        func (v *Action) BlockActivateFrom(proxy *Widget)

                        func (*Action) ConnectAccelerator

                        func (v *Action) ConnectAccelerator()

                        func (*Action) ConnectProxy

                        func (v *Action) ConnectProxy(proxy *Widget)

                        func (*Action) CreateIcon

                        func (v *Action) CreateIcon(icon_size IconSize) *Widget

                        func (*Action) CreateMenu

                        func (v *Action) CreateMenu() *Widget

                        func (*Action) CreateMenuItem

                        func (v *Action) CreateMenuItem() *Widget

                        func (*Action) CreateToolItem

                        func (v *Action) CreateToolItem() *Widget

                        func (*Action) DisconnectAccelerator

                        func (v *Action) DisconnectAccelerator()

                        func (*Action) DisconnectProxy

                        func (v *Action) DisconnectProxy(proxy *Widget)

                        func (*Action) GetAccelPath

                        func (v *Action) GetAccelPath() string

                        func (*Action) GetAlwaysShowImage

                        func (v *Action) GetAlwaysShowImage() bool

                        func (*Action) GetIconName

                        func (v *Action) GetIconName() string

                        func (*Action) GetIsImportant

                        func (v *Action) GetIsImportant() bool

                        func (*Action) GetLabel

                        func (v *Action) GetLabel() string

                        func (*Action) GetName

                        func (v *Action) GetName() string

                        func (*Action) GetProxies

                        func (v *Action) GetProxies() *glib.SList

                        func (*Action) GetSensitive

                        func (v *Action) GetSensitive() bool

                        func (*Action) GetShortLabel

                        func (v *Action) GetShortLabel() string

                        func (*Action) GetStockId

                        func (v *Action) GetStockId() string

                        func (*Action) GetTooltip

                        func (v *Action) GetTooltip() string

                        func (*Action) GetVisible

                        func (v *Action) GetVisible() bool

                        func (*Action) GetVisibleHorizontal

                        func (v *Action) GetVisibleHorizontal() bool

                        func (*Action) GetVisibleVertical

                        func (v *Action) GetVisibleVertical() bool

                        func (*Action) IsSensitive

                        func (v *Action) IsSensitive() bool

                        func (*Action) IsVisible

                        func (v *Action) IsVisible() bool

                        func (*Action) SetAccelGroup

                        func (v *Action) SetAccelGroup(accel_group *AccelGroup)

                        func (*Action) SetAccelPath

                        func (v *Action) SetAccelPath(accel_path string)

                        func (*Action) SetAlwaysShowImage

                        func (v *Action) SetAlwaysShowImage(always_show bool)

                        func (*Action) SetIconName

                        func (v *Action) SetIconName(icon_name string)

                        func (*Action) SetIsImportant

                        func (v *Action) SetIsImportant(is_important bool)

                        func (*Action) SetLable

                        func (v *Action) SetLable(label string)

                        func (*Action) SetSensitive

                        func (v *Action) SetSensitive(sensitive bool)

                        func (*Action) SetShortLabel

                        func (v *Action) SetShortLabel(short_label string)

                        func (*Action) SetStockId

                        func (v *Action) SetStockId(stock_id string)

                        func (*Action) SetTooltip

                        func (v *Action) SetTooltip(tooltip string)

                        func (*Action) SetVisible

                        func (v *Action) SetVisible(visible bool)

                        func (*Action) SetVisibleHorizontal

                        func (v *Action) SetVisibleHorizontal(visible_horizontal bool)

                        func (*Action) SetVisibleVertical

                        func (v *Action) SetVisibleVertical(visible_vertical bool)

                        func (*Action) UnblockActivate

                        func (v *Action) UnblockActivate()

                        func (*Action) UnblockActivateFrom

                        func (v *Action) UnblockActivateFrom(proxy *Widget)

                        type ActionGroup

                        type ActionGroup struct {

                        func NewActionGroup

                        func NewActionGroup(name string) *ActionGroup

                        func (*ActionGroup) AddAction

                        func (v *ActionGroup) AddAction(action interface{})

                        func (*ActionGroup) AddActionWithAccel

                        func (v *ActionGroup) AddActionWithAccel(action *Action, accelerator string)

                        func (*ActionGroup) GetAction

                        func (v *ActionGroup) GetAction(action_name string) *Action

                        func (*ActionGroup) GetName

                        func (v *ActionGroup) GetName() string

                        func (*ActionGroup) GetSensitive

                        func (v *ActionGroup) GetSensitive() bool

                        func (*ActionGroup) GetVisible

                        func (v *ActionGroup) GetVisible() bool

                        func (*ActionGroup) ListActions

                        func (v *ActionGroup) ListActions() *glib.List

                        func (*ActionGroup) RemoveAction

                        func (v *ActionGroup) RemoveAction(action *Action)

                        func (*ActionGroup) SetSensitive

                        func (v *ActionGroup) SetSensitive(sensitive bool)

                        func (*ActionGroup) SetVisible

                        func (v *ActionGroup) SetVisible(visible bool)

                        type Activatable

                        type Activatable struct {
                        	GWidget *C.GtkWidget

                          Known Implementations for GtkActivatable interface: GtkActivatable is implemented by GtkButton, GtkCheckButton, GtkCheckMenuItem, GtkColorButton, GtkFontButton, GtkImageMenuItem, GtkLinkButton, GtkLockButton, GtkMenuItem, GtkMenuToolButton, GtkRadioButton, GtkRadioMenuItem, GtkRadioToolButton, GtkRecentChooserMenu, GtkScaleButton, GtkSeparatorMenuItem, GtkSeparatorToolItem, GtkSwitch, GtkTearoffMenuItem, GtkToggleButton, GtkToggleToolButton, GtkToolButton, GtkToolItem and GtkVolumeButton.

                          func (*Activatable) GetRelatedAction

                          func (v *Activatable) GetRelatedAction() *Action

                          func (*Activatable) GetUseActionAppearance

                          func (v *Activatable) GetUseActionAppearance() bool

                          func (*Activatable) SetRelatedAction

                          func (v *Activatable) SetRelatedAction(action *Action)

                          func (*Activatable) SetUseActionAppearance

                          func (v *Activatable) SetUseActionAppearance(use_appearance bool)

                          type Adjustment

                          type Adjustment struct {
                          	GAdjustment *C.GtkAdjustment

                            ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAdjustment -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                            func NewAdjustment

                            func NewAdjustment(value, lower, upper, step_increment, page_increment, page_size float64) *Adjustment

                            func (*Adjustment) Configure

                            func (v *Adjustment) Configure(value, lower, upper, step_increment, page_increment, page_size float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) Connect

                            func (v *Adjustment) Connect(s string, f interface{}, datas ...interface{}) int

                            func (*Adjustment) GetLower

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetLower() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) GetPageIncrement

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetPageIncrement() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) GetPageSize

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetPageSize() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) GetStepIncrement

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetStepIncrement() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) GetUpper

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetUpper() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) GetValue

                            func (v *Adjustment) GetValue() float64

                            func (*Adjustment) SetLower

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetLower(lower float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) SetPageIncrement

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetPageIncrement(page_increment float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) SetPageSize

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetPageSize(page_size float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) SetStepIncrement

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetStepIncrement(step_increment float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) SetUpper

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetUpper(upper float64)

                            func (*Adjustment) SetValue

                            func (v *Adjustment) SetValue(value float64)

                            type Alignment

                            type Alignment struct {

                              ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkAlignment -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                              func NewAlignment

                              func NewAlignment(xalign float64, yalign float64, xscale float64, yscale float64) *Alignment

                              func (*Alignment) GetPadding

                              func (v *Alignment) GetPadding() (padding_top uint, padding_bottom uint, padding_left uint, padding_right uint)

                              func (*Alignment) Set

                              func (v *Alignment) Set(xalign float64, yalign float64, xscale float64, yscale float64)

                              func (*Alignment) SetPadding

                              func (v *Alignment) SetPadding(padding_top uint, padding_bottom uint, padding_left uint, padding_right uint)

                              type Allocation

                              type Allocation gdk.Rectangle

                                ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GtkWidget -----------------------------------------------------------------------

                                type Arrow

                                type Arrow struct {

                                func NewArrow

                                func NewArrow(at ArrowType, st ShadowType) *Arrow

                                  Draw arrowhead facing in given direction with a shadow. Like gtk.Label it does not emit signals.

                                  func (*Arrow) Set

                                  func (a *Arrow) Set(at ArrowType, st ShadowType)

                                    Change the arrows direction and shadow.

                                    type ArrowType

                                    type ArrowType int
                                    const (
                                    	ARROW_UP ArrowType = iota

                                    type Assistant

                                    type Assistant struct {

                                    func NewAssistant

                                    func NewAssistant() *Assistant

                                    func (*Assistant) AddActionWidget

                                    func (v *Assistant) AddActionWidget(child IWidget)

                                    func (*Assistant) AppendPage

                                    func (v *Assistant) AppendPage(page IWidget) int

                                    func (*Assistant) GetCurrentPage

                                    func (v *Assistant) GetCurrentPage() int

                                    func (*Assistant) GetNPages

                                    func (v *Assistant) GetNPages() int

                                    func (*Assistant) GetNthPage

                                    func (v *Assistant) GetNthPage(page_num int) *Widget

                                    func (*Assistant) GetPageComplete

                                    func (v *Assistant) GetPageComplete(page IWidget) bool

                                    func (*Assistant) GetPageHeaderImage

                                    func (v *Assistant) GetPageHeaderImage(page IWidget) *gdkpixbuf.Pixbuf

                                    func (*Assistant) GetPageSideImage