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type BackupProviderConfigS3

type BackupProviderConfigS3 struct {
	BucketName    string
	Endpoint      string
	Region        string
	AccessKey     string
	SecretKey     string
	BackupName    string
	ObjectPrefix  string
	ObjectsToKeep int64

    BackupProviderConfigS3 provides configuration for the BackupProviderS3

    type BackupProviderS3

    type BackupProviderS3 struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      BackupProviderS3 implements the backup provider interface for S3

      func New

        New returns a S3 backup provider

        func (*BackupProviderS3) CleanupBackups

        func (b *BackupProviderS3) CleanupBackups() error

          CleanupBackups cleans up backups according to the given backup cleanup policy at the backup provider

          func (*BackupProviderS3) DownloadBackup

          func (b *BackupProviderS3) DownloadBackup(version *providers.BackupVersion) error

            DownloadBackup downloads the given backup version to the restoration folder

            func (*BackupProviderS3) EnsureBackupBucket

            func (b *BackupProviderS3) EnsureBackupBucket() error

              EnsureBackupBucket ensures a backup bucket at the backup provider

              func (*BackupProviderS3) GetNextBackupName

              func (b *BackupProviderS3) GetNextBackupName() string

                GetNextBackupName returns a name for the next backup archive that is going to be uploaded

                func (*BackupProviderS3) ListBackups

                func (b *BackupProviderS3) ListBackups() (providers.BackupVersions, error)

                  ListBackups lists the available backups of the backup provider

                  func (*BackupProviderS3) UploadBackup

                  func (b *BackupProviderS3) UploadBackup(sourcePath string) error

                    UploadBackup uploads a backup to the backup provider

                    type BackupVersionsS3

                    type BackupVersionsS3 struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      BackupVersionsS3 contains the list of available backup versions

                      func (BackupVersionsS3) Get

                        Get returns the backup entry of the given version

                        func (BackupVersionsS3) Latest

                          Latest returns latest backup version

                          func (BackupVersionsS3) List

                            List return a list of all backup versions

                            func (BackupVersionsS3) Sort

                            func (b BackupVersionsS3) Sort(versions []*providers.BackupVersion, asc bool)

                              Sort returns the backup versions sorted by date

                              Source Files