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const (
	// AccountingProductID tag to store an accounting product ID
	AccountingProductID = "accounting.metal-stack.io/productid"
	// AccountingContractID tag to store an accounting contract ID
	AccountingContractID = "accounting.metal-stack.io/contractid"
	// AccountingDebtor tag to store an accounting debtor
	AccountingDebtor = "accounting.metal-stack.io/debtor"
	// AccountingNetworkTrafficExternal tag to indicate external network traffic
	AccountingNetworkTrafficExternal = "accounting.metal-stack.io/network-traffic-external"
	// AccountingNetworkTrafficInternal tag to indicate internal network traffic
	AccountingNetworkTrafficInternal = "accounting.metal-stack.io/network-traffic-internal"
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const (
	// ClusterID tag to store the id of the cluster
	ClusterID = "cluster.metal-stack.io/id"
	// ClusterName tag to store the name of the cluster
	ClusterName = "cluster.metal-stack.io/name"
	// ClusterDescription tag to store the description of the cluster
	ClusterDescription = "cluster.metal-stack.io/description"
	// ClusterProject tag to store the project the cluster belongs to
	ClusterProject = "cluster.metal-stack.io/project"
	// ClusterTenant tag to store the tenant of the cluster
	ClusterTenant = "cluster.metal-stack.io/tenant"
	// ClusterServiceFQN tag to identify a service running in the cluster
	ClusterServiceFQN = "cluster.metal-stack.io/id/namespace/service"
	// ClusterEgress tag to identify egress ips used for a cluster
	ClusterEgress = "cluster.metal-stack.io/id/egress"
	// ClusterOwner tag to store the name of the cluster owner
	ClusterOwner = "cluster.metal-stack.io/owner"
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const (
	// MachineID tag to store machine ID
	MachineID = "machine.metal-stack.io/id"
	// MachineName tag to store machine name
	MachineName = "machine.metal-stack.io/name"
	// MachineDescription tag to store machine description
	MachineDescription = "machine.metal-stack.io/description"
	// MachineProject tag to store the project where the machine belongs to
	MachineProject = "machine.metal-stack.io/project"
	// MachineTenant tag to store the tenant the machine belongs to
	MachineTenant = "machine.metal-stack.io/tenant"
	// MachineNetworkPrimaryASN tag to store the primary BGP ASN the machine announces.
	MachineNetworkPrimaryASN = "machine.metal-stack.io/network.primary.asn"
	// MachineRack tag to store the rack that this machine is placed in.
	MachineRack = "machine.metal-stack.io/rack"
	// MachineChassis tag to store the machine chassis.
	MachineChassis = "machine.metal-stack.io/chassis"
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const (
	// NetworkDefault indicates a network that can serve as a default network for cluster creation
	// there should only be one default network in a metal control plane, otherwise behavior will be non-deterministic
	NetworkDefault = "network.metal-stack.io/default"
	// NetworkDefaultExternal indicates a network that can serve as a default for IP allocations
	NetworkDefaultExternal = "network.metal-stack.io/default-external"
	// NetworkPartitionStorage indicates a network that can serve as a storage network in a partition
	NetworkPartitionStorage = "network.metal-stack.io/partition-storage"


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func AccountingTags added in v0.7.3

func AccountingTags() []string

AccountingTags returns all accounting tags


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