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type Account

type Account struct {
	Nonce    uint64
	Balance  *big.Int
	Root     common.Hash // merkle root of the storage trie
	CodeHash []byte

type SliceData

type SliceData struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SliceData has all the juicy bits you need about computing an ethereum slice.

type SliceMetadataToFile

type SliceMetadataToFile struct {
	NodePathId          string
	TotalStateNodes     string
	TotalStorageNodes   string
	TotalLeaves         string
	TotalSmartContracts string
	BytesStem           string
	BytesState          string
	BytesStorage        string
	Final               string
	MaxDepth            string

type SliceProcessor

type SliceProcessor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SliceProcessor wraps the goque stack, enabling the adding of specific methods for dealing with the state trie.

func NewSliceProcessor

func NewSliceProcessor(dbPath string, blockNumber uint64, filedir string) *SliceProcessor

NewSliceProcessor initializes the traversal stack, and finds the canonical block header, returning the TrieStack wrapper for further instructions

func (*SliceProcessor) GetHeatMap

func (sp *SliceProcessor) GetHeatMap(mode string)

GetHeatMap just takes the stored data and agregates it into a json file, for visualization purposes

func (*SliceProcessor) SliceTheTrie

func (sp *SliceProcessor) SliceTheTrie()

SliceTheTrie is the main loop of this program. One of its optimizations is that the program will try to see whether the slice has been computer before and stored in the DB so we spend O(1) on get it again.

type SliceProcessorConfig

type SliceProcessorConfig struct {
	DatabaseCache   int
	TrieCache       int
	MaxTrieCacheGen uint16

SliceProcessorConfig contains tweakable properties

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