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GraphQL with gqlgen

Uses the gRPC models with a GraphQL schema.


go get -u

Running the example

1. Start the RPC server
go run srv/main.go
2. Start the GraphQL server
go run api/graphql/main.go


Now you can query your GraphQL API

alt text

When a GraphQL request comes in, the gRPC handler is called with your request, according to resolver.go and a populated model is returned.

Basic error handling can be seen if you turn off your gRPC service and try to query.

Making changes to the GraphQL schema

If you change the GraphQL schema file (graphql.schema), then you need to be aware of the following

gqlgen.yml tells gqlgen where your models are and if you don't specify, it will create them for you. In this example, I decided to use the protobuf generated models across the board. You might want to do that differently.

resolver.go is generated for you if you don't have it the first time. You need to implement your own resolvers. No way around that, but we have Go types for them, so that's nice.

To update your generated.go, run gqlgen inside graphql/graphql.


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