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Package micro

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Path Synopsis
api/handler Package handler provides http handlers
api/handler/api Package api provides an http-rpc handler which provides the entire http request over rpc
api/handler/event Package event provides a handler which publishes an event
api/handler/http Package http is a http reverse proxy handler
api/handler/rpc Package rpc is a go-micro rpc handler.
api/handler/web Package web contains the web handler including websocket support
api/resolver Package resolver resolves a http request to an endpoint
api/resolver/grpc Package grpc resolves a grpc service like /greeter.Say/Hello to greeter service
api/resolver/host Package host resolves using http host
api/resolver/path Package path resolves using http path
api/resolver/subdomain Package subdomain is a resolver which uses the subdomain to determine the domain to route to.
api/resolver/vpath Package vpath resolves using http path and recognised versioned urls
api/router Package router provides api service routing
api/router/registry Package registry provides a dynamic api service router
api/server Package server provides an API gateway server which handles inbound requests
api/server/acme Package acme abstracts away various ACME libraries
api/server/acme/autocert Package autocert is the ACME provider from This provider does not take any config.
api/server/acme/certmagic Package certmagic is the ACME provider from
api/server/http Package http provides a http server with features; acme, cors, etc
auth Package auth provides authentication and authorization capability
auth/jwt Package jwt is a jwt implementation of the auth interface
broker Package broker is an interface used for asynchronous messaging
broker/http Package http provides a http based message broker
broker/memory Package memory provides a memory broker
broker/nats Package nats provides a NATS broker
build Package build is for building source into a package
build/docker Package docker builds docker images
build/golang Package golang is a go package manager
build/tar Package tar basically tarballs source code
cache Package cache is a caching interface
cache/memcache Package memcache is a memcache implementation of the Cache
cache/memory Package memory is an in memory cache
client Package client is an interface for an RPC client
client/grpc Package grpc provides a gRPC client Package grpc provides a gRPC options
client/mucp Package mucp provides an mucp client
codec Package codec is an interface for encoding messages
codec/bytes Package bytes provides a bytes codec which does not encode or decode anything
codec/grpc Package grpc provides a grpc codec
codec/json Package json provides a json codec
codec/jsonrpc Package jsonrpc provides a json-rpc 1.0 codec
codec/proto Package proto provides a proto codec
codec/protorpc Protorpc provides a net/rpc proto-rpc codec.
codec/text Package text reads any text/* content-type
config Package config is an interface for dynamic configuration.
config/encoder Package encoder handles source encoding formats
config/loader package loader manages loading from multiple sources
config/reader Package reader parses change sets and provides config values
config/source Package source is the interface for sources
config/source/file Package file is a file source.
config/source/memory Package memory is a memory source
debug Package debug provides micro debug packages
debug/log Package log provides debug logging
debug/log/kubernetes Package kubernetes is a logger implementing (
debug/log/memory Package memory provides an in memory log buffer
debug/profile Package profile is for profilers
debug/profile/http Package http enables the http profiler
debug/profile/pprof Package pprof provides a pprof profiler which writes output to /tmp/[name].{cpu,mem}.pprof
debug/stats Package stats provides runtime stats
debug/trace Package trace provides an interface for distributed tracing
errors Package errors provides a way to return detailed information for an RPC request error.
logger Package log provides a log interface
metadata Package metadata is a way of defining message headers
model Package model is an interface for data modelling
model/mud Package mud is the micro data model implementation
network Package network is for creating internetworks
network/resolver Package resolver resolves network names to addresses
network/resolver/dns Package dns resolves names to dns records
network/resolver/dnssrv Package dns srv resolves names to dns srv records
network/resolver/http Package http resolves names to network addresses using a http request
network/resolver/noop Package noop is a noop resolver
network/resolver/registry Package registry resolves names using the go-micro registry
network/resolver/static Package static is a static resolver
plugin Package plugin provides the ability to load plugins Package plugin provides the ability to load plugins
proxy Package proxy is a transparent proxy built on the go-micro/server Package proxy is a transparent proxy built on the go-micro/server
proxy/grpc Package grpc is a grpc proxy built for the go-micro/server
proxy/http Package http provides a micro rpc to http proxy
proxy/mucp Package mucp transparently forwards the incoming request using a go-micro client.
registry Package registry is an interface for service discovery
registry/cache Package cache provides a registry cache
registry/etcd Package etcd provides an etcd service registry
registry/mdns Package mdns provides a multicast dns registry
registry/memory Package memory provides an in-memory registry
registry/noop Package noop is a registry which does nothing
router Package router provides a network routing control plane
runtime Package runtime is a service runtime manager
runtime/kubernetes Package kubernetes implements kubernetes micro runtime Package kubernetes taken from There are some modifications compared to the other files as this package doesn't provide write functionality.
runtime/local/process Package process executes a binary
runtime/local/process/os Package os runs processes locally Package os runs processes locally
runtime/local/source Package source retrieves source code
runtime/local/source/git Package git provides a git source
runtime/local/source/go Package golang is a source for Go
selector Package selector is for node selection and load balancing
server Package server is an interface for a micro server
server/grpc Package grpc provides a grpc server
server/mucp Package mucp provides an mucp server
store Package store is an interface for distributed data storage.
store/cockroach Package cockroach implements the cockroach store
store/file Package local is a file system backed store
store/memory Package memory is a in-memory store store
sync Package sync is an interface for distributed synchronization
sync/etcd Package etcd is an etcd implementation of lock
sync/memory Package memory provides a sync.Mutex implementation of the lock for local use
transport Package transport is an interface for synchronous connection based communication
transport/grpc Package grpc provides a grpc transport
transport/memory Package memory is an in-memory transport
transport/quic Package quic provides a QUIC based transport
tunnel Package tunnel provides gre network tunnelling
tunnel/broker Package broker is a tunnel broker
tunnel/transport Package transport provides a tunnel transport
util/backoff Package backoff provides backoff functionality
util/io Package io is for io management
util/jitter Package jitter provides a random jitter
util/kubernetes/client Package client provides an implementation of a restricted subset of kubernetes API client
util/log Package log is a global internal logger DEPRECATED: this is frozen package, use
util/pki Package pki provides PKI all the PKI functions necessary to run micro over an untrusted network including a CA
util/pool Package pool is a connection pool
util/qson Package qson implmenets decoding of URL query params into JSON and Go values (using JSON struct tags).
util/ring Package ring provides a simple ring buffer for storing local data
util/socket Package socket provides a pseudo socket
util/stream Package stream encapsulates streams within streams
util/sync Package syncs will sync multiple stores