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Package packager creates a binary image. Due to package being a reserved keyword we use packager.



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type Binary

type Binary struct {
	// Name of the binary
	Name string
	// Location of the binary
	Path string
	// Type of binary
	Type string
	// Source of the binary
	Source *Source

Binary is the representation of a binary

type Option

type Option func(o *Options)

func Path

func Path(p string) Option

Local path for repository

type Options

type Options struct {
	// local path to download source
	Path string

type Packager

type Packager interface {
	// Compile builds a binary
	Compile(*Source) (*Binary, error)
	// Deletes the binary
	Delete(*Binary) error

Package builds binaries

type Source

type Source struct {
	// Language is the language of code
	Language string
	// Location of the source
	Repository *source.Repository

Source is the source of a build


Path Synopsis
Package docker builds docker images
Package docker builds docker images
Package golang is a go package manager
Package golang is a go package manager

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