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func AckOnSuccess added in v0.21.1

func AckOnSuccess() broker.SubscribeOption

AckOnSuccess will automatically acknowledge messages when no error is returned

func Auth

func Auth(username string, password string) broker.Option

Auth sets the authentication information

func ConnectHeaders

func ConnectHeaders(h map[string]string) broker.Option

ConnectHeaders adds headers for the connection

func ConnectTimeout

func ConnectTimeout(ct time.Duration) broker.Option

ConnectTimeout sets the connection timeout duration

func Durable

func Durable() broker.SubscribeOption

Durable sets a durable subscription

func NewBroker

func NewBroker(opts broker.Broker

NewBroker returns a STOMP broker

func Receipt

func Receipt(ct time.Duration) broker.PublishOption

Receipt requests a receipt for the delivery should be received

func SubscribeContext added in v0.21.1

func SubscribeContext(ctx context.Context) broker.SubscribeOption

SubscribeContext set the context for broker.SubscribeOption

func SubscribeHeaders

func SubscribeHeaders(h map[string]string) broker.SubscribeOption

SubscribeHeaders sets headers for subscriptions

func SuppressContentLength

func SuppressContentLength(ct time.Duration) broker.PublishOption

SuppressContentLength requests that send does not include a content length

func VirtualHost

func VirtualHost(h string) broker.Option

VirtualHost adds host header to define the vhost


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