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var InheritLevelValues = inheritLevelValuesType{
	None:       "none",
	Deployment: "deployment",
	Account:    "account",
	Collection: "collection",
	All:        "all",
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var RelativeToSettingValues = relativeToSettingValuesType{
	Context:        "context",
	WebApplication: "webApplication",
	FullyQualified: "fullyQualified",
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var ServiceStatusValues = serviceStatusValuesType{
	Assigned: "assigned",
	Active:   "active",
	Moving:   "moving",


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type AccessMapping

type AccessMapping struct {
	AccessPoint *string `json:"accessPoint,omitempty"`
	DisplayName *string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
	Moniker     *string `json:"moniker,omitempty"`
	// The service which owns this access mapping e.g. TFS, ELS, etc.
	ServiceOwner *uuid.UUID `json:"serviceOwner,omitempty"`
	// Part of the access mapping which applies context after the access point of the server.
	VirtualDirectory *string `json:"virtualDirectory,omitempty"`

type Client

type Client interface {
	// [Preview API]
	DeleteServiceDefinition(context.Context, DeleteServiceDefinitionArgs) error
	// [Preview API] This was copied and adapted from TeamFoundationConnectionService.Connect()
	GetConnectionData(context.Context, GetConnectionDataArgs) (*ConnectionData, error)
	// [Preview API]
	GetResourceArea(context.Context, GetResourceAreaArgs) (*ResourceAreaInfo, error)
	// [Preview API]
	GetResourceAreaByHost(context.Context, GetResourceAreaByHostArgs) (*ResourceAreaInfo, error)
	// [Preview API]
	GetResourceAreas(context.Context, GetResourceAreasArgs) (*[]ResourceAreaInfo, error)
	// [Preview API]
	GetResourceAreasByHost(context.Context, GetResourceAreasByHostArgs) (*[]ResourceAreaInfo, error)
	// [Preview API] Finds a given service definition.
	GetServiceDefinition(context.Context, GetServiceDefinitionArgs) (*ServiceDefinition, error)
	// [Preview API]
	GetServiceDefinitions(context.Context, GetServiceDefinitionsArgs) (*[]ServiceDefinition, error)
	// [Preview API]
	UpdateServiceDefinitions(context.Context, UpdateServiceDefinitionsArgs) error

func NewClient

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, connection *azuredevops.Connection) Client

type ClientImpl

type ClientImpl struct {
	Client azuredevops.Client

func (*ClientImpl) DeleteServiceDefinition

func (client *ClientImpl) DeleteServiceDefinition(ctx context.Context, args DeleteServiceDefinitionArgs) error

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) GetConnectionData

func (client *ClientImpl) GetConnectionData(ctx context.Context, args GetConnectionDataArgs) (*ConnectionData, error)

[Preview API] This was copied and adapted from TeamFoundationConnectionService.Connect()

func (*ClientImpl) GetResourceArea

func (client *ClientImpl) GetResourceArea(ctx context.Context, args GetResourceAreaArgs) (*ResourceAreaInfo, error)

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) GetResourceAreaByHost

func (client *ClientImpl) GetResourceAreaByHost(ctx context.Context, args GetResourceAreaByHostArgs) (*ResourceAreaInfo, error)

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) GetResourceAreas

func (client *ClientImpl) GetResourceAreas(ctx context.Context, args GetResourceAreasArgs) (*[]ResourceAreaInfo, error)

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) GetResourceAreasByHost

func (client *ClientImpl) GetResourceAreasByHost(ctx context.Context, args GetResourceAreasByHostArgs) (*[]ResourceAreaInfo, error)

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) GetServiceDefinition

func (client *ClientImpl) GetServiceDefinition(ctx context.Context, args GetServiceDefinitionArgs) (*ServiceDefinition, error)

[Preview API] Finds a given service definition.

func (*ClientImpl) GetServiceDefinitions

func (client *ClientImpl) GetServiceDefinitions(ctx context.Context, args GetServiceDefinitionsArgs) (*[]ServiceDefinition, error)

[Preview API]

func (*ClientImpl) UpdateServiceDefinitions

func (client *ClientImpl) UpdateServiceDefinitions(ctx context.Context, args UpdateServiceDefinitionsArgs) error

[Preview API]

type ConnectionData

type ConnectionData struct {
	// The Id of the authenticated user who made this request. More information about the user can be obtained by passing this Id to the Identity service
	AuthenticatedUser *identity.Identity `json:"authenticatedUser,omitempty"`
	// The Id of the authorized user who made this request. More information about the user can be obtained by passing this Id to the Identity service
	AuthorizedUser *identity.Identity `json:"authorizedUser,omitempty"`
	// The id for the server.
	DeploymentId *uuid.UUID `json:"deploymentId,omitempty"`
	// The type for the server Hosted/OnPremises.
	DeploymentType *webapi.DeploymentFlags `json:"deploymentType,omitempty"`
	// The instance id for this host.
	InstanceId *uuid.UUID `json:"instanceId,omitempty"`
	// The last user access for this instance.  Null if not requested specifically.
	LastUserAccess *azuredevops.Time `json:"lastUserAccess,omitempty"`
	// Data that the location service holds.
	LocationServiceData *LocationServiceData `json:"locationServiceData,omitempty"`
	// The virtual directory of the host we are talking to.
	WebApplicationRelativeDirectory *string `json:"webApplicationRelativeDirectory,omitempty"`

Data transfer class that holds information needed to set up a connection with a VSS server.

type DeleteServiceDefinitionArgs

type DeleteServiceDefinitionArgs struct {
	// (required)
	ServiceType *string
	// (required)
	Identifier *uuid.UUID

Arguments for the DeleteServiceDefinition function

type GetConnectionDataArgs

type GetConnectionDataArgs struct {
	// (optional)
	ConnectOptions *webapi.ConnectOptions
	// (optional) Obsolete 32-bit LastChangeId
	LastChangeId *int
	// (optional) Non-truncated 64-bit LastChangeId
	LastChangeId64 *uint64

Arguments for the GetConnectionData function

type GetResourceAreaArgs

type GetResourceAreaArgs struct {
	// (required)
	AreaId *uuid.UUID
	// (optional)
	EnterpriseName *string
	// (optional)
	OrganizationName *string

Arguments for the GetResourceArea function

type GetResourceAreaByHostArgs

type GetResourceAreaByHostArgs struct {
	// (required)
	AreaId *uuid.UUID
	// (required)
	HostId *uuid.UUID

Arguments for the GetResourceAreaByHost function

type GetResourceAreasArgs

type GetResourceAreasArgs struct {
	// (optional)
	EnterpriseName *string
	// (optional)
	OrganizationName *string

Arguments for the GetResourceAreas function

type GetResourceAreasByHostArgs

type GetResourceAreasByHostArgs struct {
	// (required)
	HostId *uuid.UUID

Arguments for the GetResourceAreasByHost function

type GetServiceDefinitionArgs

type GetServiceDefinitionArgs struct {
	// (required)
	ServiceType *string
	// (required)
	Identifier *uuid.UUID
	// (optional) If true, we will attempt to fault in a host instance mapping if in SPS.
	AllowFaultIn *bool
	// (optional) If true, we will calculate and return a host instance mapping, but not persist it.
	PreviewFaultIn *bool

Arguments for the GetServiceDefinition function

type GetServiceDefinitionsArgs

type GetServiceDefinitionsArgs struct {
	// (optional)
	ServiceType *string

Arguments for the GetServiceDefinitions function

type InheritLevel

type InheritLevel string

type LocationMapping

type LocationMapping struct {
	AccessMappingMoniker *string `json:"accessMappingMoniker,omitempty"`
	Location             *string `json:"location,omitempty"`

type LocationServiceData

type LocationServiceData struct {
	// Data about the access mappings contained by this location service.
	AccessMappings *[]AccessMapping `json:"accessMappings,omitempty"`
	// Data that the location service holds.
	ClientCacheFresh *bool `json:"clientCacheFresh,omitempty"`
	// The time to live on the location service cache.
	ClientCacheTimeToLive *int `json:"clientCacheTimeToLive,omitempty"`
	// The default access mapping moniker for the server.
	DefaultAccessMappingMoniker *string `json:"defaultAccessMappingMoniker,omitempty"`
	// The obsolete id for the last change that took place on the server (use LastChangeId64).
	LastChangeId *int `json:"lastChangeId,omitempty"`
	// The non-truncated 64-bit id for the last change that took place on the server.
	LastChangeId64 *uint64 `json:"lastChangeId64,omitempty"`
	// Data about the service definitions contained by this location service.
	ServiceDefinitions *[]ServiceDefinition `json:"serviceDefinitions,omitempty"`
	// The identifier of the deployment which is hosting this location data (e.g. SPS, TFS, ELS, Napa, etc.)
	ServiceOwner *uuid.UUID `json:"serviceOwner,omitempty"`

Data transfer class used to transfer data about the location service data over the web service.

type RelativeToSetting

type RelativeToSetting string

type ResourceAreaInfo

type ResourceAreaInfo struct {
	Id          *uuid.UUID `json:"id,omitempty"`
	LocationUrl *string    `json:"locationUrl,omitempty"`
	Name        *string    `json:"name,omitempty"`

type ServiceDefinition

type ServiceDefinition struct {
	Description      *string            `json:"description,omitempty"`
	DisplayName      *string            `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
	Identifier       *uuid.UUID         `json:"identifier,omitempty"`
	InheritLevel     *InheritLevel      `json:"inheritLevel,omitempty"`
	LocationMappings *[]LocationMapping `json:"locationMappings,omitempty"`
	// Maximum api version that this resource supports (current server version for this resource). Copied from <c>ApiResourceLocation</c>.
	MaxVersion *string `json:"maxVersion,omitempty"`
	// Minimum api version that this resource supports. Copied from <c>ApiResourceLocation</c>.
	MinVersion        *string            `json:"minVersion,omitempty"`
	ParentIdentifier  *uuid.UUID         `json:"parentIdentifier,omitempty"`
	ParentServiceType *string            `json:"parentServiceType,omitempty"`
	Properties        interface{}        `json:"properties,omitempty"`
	RelativePath      *string            `json:"relativePath,omitempty"`
	RelativeToSetting *RelativeToSetting `json:"relativeToSetting,omitempty"`
	// The latest version of this resource location that is in "Release" (non-preview) mode. Copied from <c>ApiResourceLocation</c>.
	ReleasedVersion *string `json:"releasedVersion,omitempty"`
	// The current resource version supported by this resource location. Copied from <c>ApiResourceLocation</c>.
	ResourceVersion *int `json:"resourceVersion,omitempty"`
	// The service which owns this definition e.g. TFS, ELS, etc.
	ServiceOwner *uuid.UUID     `json:"serviceOwner,omitempty"`
	ServiceType  *string        `json:"serviceType,omitempty"`
	Status       *ServiceStatus `json:"status,omitempty"`
	ToolId       *string        `json:"toolId,omitempty"`

type ServiceStatus

type ServiceStatus string

type UpdateServiceDefinitionsArgs

type UpdateServiceDefinitionsArgs struct {
	// (required)
	ServiceDefinitions *azuredevops.VssJsonCollectionWrapper

Arguments for the UpdateServiceDefinitions function

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