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const AnalyzerSvcAddress = "analyzer_svc_address"

AnalyzerSvcAddress analyzer service address

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const AnonymizerImageSvcAddress = "anonymizer_image_svc_address"

AnonymizerImageSvcAddress anonymizer image service address

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const AnonymizerSvcAddress = "anonymizer_svc_address"

AnonymizerSvcAddress anonymizer service address

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const CollectorImageName = "collector_image_name"

CollectorImageName collector docker image name

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const CollectorImagePullPolicy = "collector_image_pull_policy"

CollectorImagePullPolicy collector image k8s pull policy

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const DatasinkGrpcPort = "datasink_grpc_port"

DatasinkGrpcPort for data sink GRPC server

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const DatasinkImageName = "datasink_image_name"

DatasinkImageName datasink docker image name

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const DatasinkImagePullPolicy = "datasink_image_pull_policy"

DatasinkImagePullPolicy datasink image k8s pull policy

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const GrpcPort = "grpc_port"

GrpcPort for GRPC server

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const LogLevel = "log_level"

LogLevel debug/info/warn/error/fatal

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const OcrSvcAddress = "ocr_svc_address"

OcrSvcAddress ocr service address

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const PresidioNamespace = "presidio_namespace"

PresidioNamespace for k8s deployment

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const QueueURL = "queue_url"

QueueURL rabbitmq url

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const RedisDb = "redis_db"

RedisDb redis db number

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const RedisPassword = "redis_password"

RedisPassword redis db password

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const RedisSSL = "redis_ssl"

RedisSSL redis ssl

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const RedisURL = "redis_url"

RedisURL redis address

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const ScannerRequest = "scanner_request"

ScannerRequest template

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const SchedulerSvcAddress = "scheduler_svc_address"

SchedulerSvcAddress scheduler service address

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const StreamRequest = "stream_request"

StreamRequest template

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const WebPort = "web_port"

WebPort for http server


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func ConvertPullPolicyStringToType

func ConvertPullPolicyStringToType(pullPolicy string) apiv1.PullPolicy

ConvertPullPolicyStringToType converts job policy string to pull polcy type


type ContainerDetails

type ContainerDetails struct {
	Name            string
	Image           string
	EnvVars         []apiv1.EnvVar
	ImagePullPolicy apiv1.PullPolicy

ContainerDetails ...

type Settings

type Settings struct {
	WebPort                   int
	GrpcPort                  int
	DatasinkGrpcPort          int
	Namespace                 string
	AnalyzerSvcAddress        string
	AnonymizerSvcAddress      string
	AnonymizerImageSvcAddress string
	OcrSvcAddress             string
	SchedulerSvcAddress       string
	RedisURL                  string
	RedisPassword             string
	RedisDB                   int
	RedisSSL                  bool
	DatasinkImage             string
	CollectorImage            string
	DatasinkImagePullPolicy   string
	CollectorImagePullPolicy  string
	ScannerRequest            string
	StreamRequest             string
	QueueURL                  string
	LogLevel                  string

Settings from all services

func GetSettings

func GetSettings() *Settings

GetSettings from env vars

type Store

type Store interface {
	PutKVPair(key string, value string) error
	GetKVPair(key string) (string, error)
	DeleteKVPair(key string) error
	CreateJob(name string, containerDetailsArray []ContainerDetails) error
	CreateCronJob(name string, schedule string, containerDetailsArray []ContainerDetails) error
	ListJobs() ([]string, error)
	ListCronJobs() ([]string, error)
	DeleteJob(name string) error
	DeleteCronJob(name string) error

Store interface

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