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TTLCache - an in-memory LRU cache with expiration

TTLCache is a minimal wrapper over a string map in golang, entries of which are

  1. Thread-safe
  2. Auto-Expiring after a certain time
  3. Auto-Extending expiration on Gets

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import (

func main () {
  cache := ttlcache.NewCache(time.Second)
  cache.Set("key", "value")
  value, exists := cache.Get("key")
  count := cache.Count()




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type Cache

type Cache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache is a synchronised map of items that auto-expire once stale

func NewCache

func NewCache(duration time.Duration) *Cache

NewCache is a helper to create instance of the Cache struct

func (*Cache) Count

func (cache *Cache) Count() int

Count returns the number of items in the cache (helpful for tracking memory leaks)

func (*Cache) Get

func (cache *Cache) Get(key string) (data string, found bool)

Get is a thread-safe way to lookup items Every lookup, also touches the item, hence extending it's life

func (*Cache) Set

func (cache *Cache) Set(key string, data string)

Set is a thread-safe way to add new items to the map

type Item

type Item struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Item represents a record in the cache map

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