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func CalcDays

func CalcDays(start, end int64) int

    CalcDays calculates the number of days between two timestamps

    func FormatID

    func FormatID(id string) string

      FormatID formats the ID value

      func FormatLastUpdated

      func FormatLastUpdated(lastUpdated string) string

        FormatLastUpdated formats the last updated value

        func FormatMarketCap

        func FormatMarketCap(marketCap float64) float64

          FormatMarketCap formats the market cap value

          func FormatName

          func FormatName(name string) string

            FormatName formats the name value

            func FormatPercentChange

            func FormatPercentChange(percentChange float64) float64

              FormatPercentChange formats the percent change value

              func FormatPrice

              func FormatPrice(price float64, convert string) float64

                FormatPrice formats the price value

                func FormatRank

                func FormatRank(rank interface{}) int

                  FormatRank formats the rank value

                  func FormatSupply

                  func FormatSupply(supply float64) float64

                    FormatSupply formats the supply value

                    func FormatSymbol

                    func FormatSymbol(id string) string

                      FormatSymbol formats the symbol value

                      func FormatVolume

                      func FormatVolume(volume float64) float64

                        FormatVolume formats the volume value

                        func NameToSlug

                        func NameToSlug(name string) string

                          NameToSlug converts a coin name to slug for URLs


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