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const (
	// AlignLeft int
	AlignLeft = Align(iota)
	// AlignRight int
	// AlignCenter int


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type Align

type Align int

    Align int

    type Col

    type Col struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Col struct

      func (*Col) AlignCenter

      func (c *Col) AlignCenter() *Col

        AlignCenter align center

        func (*Col) AlignLeft

        func (c *Col) AlignLeft() *Col

          AlignLeft align left

          func (*Col) AlignRight

          func (c *Col) AlignRight() *Col

            AlignRight align right

            func (*Col) Hide

            func (c *Col) Hide() *Col

              Hide hide

              func (*Col) SetFormat

              func (c *Col) SetFormat(f string) *Col

                SetFormat sets format

                func (*Col) SetFormatFn

                func (c *Col) SetFormatFn(f FormatFn) *Col

                  SetFormatFn set format function

                  func (*Col) SetWidth

                  func (c *Col) SetWidth(w int) *Col

                    SetWidth set width

                    func (*Col) SetWidthPerc

                    func (c *Col) SetWidthPerc(w int) *Col

                      SetWidthPerc set width percentage

                      type Cols

                      type Cols []*Col

                        Cols columns

                        func (Cols) Index

                        func (c Cols) Index(n string) int

                          Index index

                          type FormatFn

                          type FormatFn func(interface{}) string

                            FormatFn format function

                            type Row

                            type Row struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Row row

                              type RowCell

                              type RowCell struct {
                              	LeftMargin  int
                              	RightMargin int
                              	Width       int
                              	LeftAlign   bool
                              	Color       func(a ...interface{}) string
                              	Text        string

                                RowCell is a row cell struct

                                func (*RowCell) String

                                func (rc *RowCell) String() string

                                  String returns row cell as string

                                  type Rows

                                  type Rows []*Row

                                    Rows rows

                                    func (Rows) Len

                                    func (r Rows) Len() int

                                      Len count

                                      func (Rows) Less

                                      func (r Rows) Less(i, j int) bool

                                        Less less

                                        func (Rows) Swap

                                        func (r Rows) Swap(i, j int)

                                          Swap swap rows

                                          type SortBy

                                          type SortBy struct {
                                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                            SortBy sort by

                                            type SortFn

                                            type SortFn func(interface{}, interface{}) bool

                                              SortFn sort function

                                              type SortOrder

                                              type SortOrder int

                                                SortOrder int

                                                const (
                                                	// SortNone sort none
                                                	SortNone SortOrder = iota
                                                	// SortAsc sort ascendinge
                                                	// SortDesc sort descending

                                                type Table

                                                type Table struct {
                                                	HideColumHeaders bool
                                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                  Table table

                                                  func NewTable

                                                  func NewTable() *Table

                                                    NewTable new table

                                                    func (*Table) AddCol

                                                    func (t *Table) AddCol(n string) *Col

                                                      AddCol add column

                                                      func (*Table) AddRow

                                                      func (t *Table) AddRow(v ...interface{}) *Row

                                                        AddRow add row

                                                        func (*Table) AddRowCells

                                                        func (t *Table) AddRowCells(cells ...*RowCell) *Row

                                                          AddRowCells add row using cells

                                                          func (*Table) Format

                                                          func (t *Table) Format() *Table

                                                            Format format table

                                                            func (*Table) Fprint

                                                            func (t *Table) Fprint(w io.Writer)

                                                              Fprint write

                                                              func (*Table) RowCount

                                                              func (t *Table) RowCount() int

                                                                RowCount returns the number of rows

                                                                func (*Table) SetNumCol

                                                                func (t *Table) SetNumCol(count int)

                                                                  SetNumCol sets the number of columns

                                                                  func (*Table) SetWidth

                                                                  func (t *Table) SetWidth(w int) *Table

                                                                    SetWidth set table width

                                                                    func (*Table) Sort

                                                                    func (t *Table) Sort() *Table

                                                                      Sort sort

                                                                      func (*Table) SortAsc

                                                                      func (t *Table) SortAsc(n string) *Table

                                                                        SortAsc sort ascending

                                                                        func (*Table) SortAscFn

                                                                        func (t *Table) SortAscFn(n string, fn SortFn) *Table

                                                                          SortAscFn sort ascending function

                                                                          func (*Table) SortDesc

                                                                          func (t *Table) SortDesc(n string) *Table

                                                                            SortDesc sort descending

                                                                            func (*Table) SortDescFn

                                                                            func (t *Table) SortDescFn(n string, fn SortFn) *Table

                                                                              SortDescFn sort descending function


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