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Package manual defines a resolver that can be used to manually send resolved addresses to ClientConn.



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type Resolver

type Resolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resolver is also a resolver builder. It's build() function always returns itself.

func GenerateAndRegisterManualResolver

func GenerateAndRegisterManualResolver() (*Resolver, func())

GenerateAndRegisterManualResolver generates a random scheme and a Resolver with it. It also registers this Resolver. It returns the Resolver and a cleanup function to unregister it.

func NewBuilderWithScheme

func NewBuilderWithScheme(scheme string) *Resolver

NewBuilderWithScheme creates a new test resolver builder with the given scheme.

func (*Resolver) Build

Build returns itself for Resolver, because it's both a builder and a resolver.

func (*Resolver) Close

func (*Resolver) Close()

Close is a noop for Resolver.

func (*Resolver) InitialAddrs added in v1.9.0

func (r *Resolver) InitialAddrs(addrs []resolver.Address)

InitialAddrs adds resolved addresses to the resolver so that NewAddress doesn't need to be explicitly called after Dial.

func (*Resolver) NewAddress

func (r *Resolver) NewAddress(addrs []resolver.Address)

NewAddress calls cc.NewAddress.

func (*Resolver) NewServiceConfig

func (r *Resolver) NewServiceConfig(sc string)

NewServiceConfig calls cc.NewServiceConfig.

func (*Resolver) ResolveNow

func (*Resolver) ResolveNow(o resolver.ResolveNowOption)

ResolveNow is a noop for Resolver.

func (*Resolver) Scheme

func (r *Resolver) Scheme() string

Scheme returns the test scheme.

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