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TSV parser for Go

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tsv is tab-separated values parser for GO. It will parse lines and insert data into any type of struct. tsv supports both simple structs and structs with tagging.

go get github.com/dogenzaka/tsv


tsv inserts data into struct by fields order.

import (

type TestRow struct {
  Name   string // 0
  Age    int    // 1
  Gender string // 2
  Active bool   // 3

func main() {

  file, _ := os.Open("example.tsv")
  defer file.Close()

  data := TestRow{}
  parser, _ := NewParser(file, &data)

  for {
    eof, err := parser.Next()
    if eof {
    if err != nil {


You can define tags to struct fields to map values.

type TestRow struct {
  Name   string `tsv:"name"`
  Age    int    `tsv:"age"`
  Gender string `tsv:"gender"`
  Active bool   `tsv:"bool"`

Supported field types

Currently this library supports limited fields

  • int
  • string
  • bool




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type Parser

type Parser struct {
	Headers   []string
	NullValue string
	Reader    *csv.Reader
	Data      interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Parser has information for parser

func NewParser

func NewParser(reader io.Reader, data interface{}) (*Parser, error)

NewStructModeParser creates new TSV parser with given io.Reader as struct mode

func NewParserWithoutHeader

func NewParserWithoutHeader(reader io.Reader, data interface{}) *Parser

NewParserWithoutHeader creates new TSV parser with given io.Reader

func (*Parser) Next

func (p *Parser) Next() (eof bool, err error)

Next puts reader forward by a line

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