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func AddEtagToTag

func AddEtagToTag(tag, etag string) distribution.ManifestServiceOption

AddEtagToTag allows a client to supply an eTag to GetByTag which will be used for a conditional HTTP request. If the eTag matches, a nil manifest and nil error will be returned. etag is automatically quoted when added to this map.

func NewRepository

func NewRepository(ctx context.Context, name, baseURL string, transport http.RoundTripper) (distribution.Repository, error)

NewRepository creates a new Repository for the given repository name and base URL.

func SuccessStatus

func SuccessStatus(status int) bool

SuccessStatus returns true if the argument is a successful HTTP response code (in the range 200 - 399 inclusive).


type Registry

type Registry interface {
	Repositories(ctx context.Context, repos []string, last string) (n int, err error)

Registry provides an interface for calling Repositories, which returns a catalog of repositories.

func NewRegistry

func NewRegistry(ctx context.Context, baseURL string, transport http.RoundTripper) (Registry, error)

NewRegistry creates a registry namespace which can be used to get a listing of repositories

type UnexpectedHTTPResponseError

type UnexpectedHTTPResponseError struct {
	ParseErr error
	Response []byte

UnexpectedHTTPResponseError is returned when an expected HTTP status code is returned, but the content was unexpected and failed to be parsed.

func (*UnexpectedHTTPResponseError) Error

type UnexpectedHTTPStatusError

type UnexpectedHTTPStatusError struct {
	Status string

UnexpectedHTTPStatusError is returned when an unexpected HTTP status is returned when making a registry api call.

func (*UnexpectedHTTPStatusError) Error

func (e *UnexpectedHTTPStatusError) Error() string


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