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const (
	PullCreatedHeader        = "pr:opened"
	PullMergedHeader         = "pr:merged"
	PullDeclinedHeader       = "pr:declined"
	PullCommentCreatedHeader = "pr:comment:added"


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func ValidateSignature

func ValidateSignature(payload []byte, signature string, secretKey []byte) error


type Actor

type Actor struct {
	Username *string `json:"name,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type Changes

type Changes struct {
	Values []struct {
		Path struct {
			ToString *string `json:"toString,omitempty" validate:"required"`
		} `json:"path,omitempty" validate:"required"`
		SrcPath *struct {
			ToString *string `json:"toString,omitempty"`
		} `json:"srcPath,omitempty"`
	} `json:"values,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	NextPageStart *int  `json:"nextPageStart,omitempty"`
	IsLastPage    *bool `json:"isLastPage,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type Client

type Client struct {
	HTTPClient  *http.Client
	Username    string
	Password    string
	BaseURL     string
	AtlantisURL string

func NewClient

func NewClient(httpClient *http.Client, username string, password string, baseURL string, atlantisURL string) (*Client, error)

NewClient builds a bitbucket cloud client. Returns an error if the baseURL is malformed. httpClient is the client to use to make the requests, username and password are used as basic auth in the requests, baseURL is the API's baseURL, ex. Don't include the API version, ex. '/1.0' since that changes based on the API call. atlantisURL is the URL for Atlantis that will be linked to from the build status icons. This linking is annoying because we don't have anywhere good to link but a URL is required.

func (*Client) CreateComment

func (b *Client) CreateComment(repo models.Repo, pullNum int, comment string) error

CreateComment creates a comment on the merge request. It will write multiple comments if a single comment is too long.

func (*Client) GetModifiedFiles

func (b *Client) GetModifiedFiles(repo models.Repo, pull models.PullRequest) ([]string, error)

GetModifiedFiles returns the names of files that were modified in the merge request. The names include the path to the file from the repo root, ex. parent/child/file.txt.

func (*Client) GetProjectKey

func (b *Client) GetProjectKey(repoName string, cloneURL string) (string, error)

func (*Client) MergePull added in v0.4.14

func (b *Client) MergePull(pull models.PullRequest) error

MergePull merges the pull request.

func (*Client) PullIsApproved

func (b *Client) PullIsApproved(repo models.Repo, pull models.PullRequest) (bool, error)

PullIsApproved returns true if the merge request was approved.

func (*Client) PullIsMergeable added in v0.4.13

func (b *Client) PullIsMergeable(repo models.Repo, pull models.PullRequest) (bool, error)

PullIsMergeable returns true if the merge request has no conflicts and can be merged.

func (*Client) UpdateStatus

func (b *Client) UpdateStatus(repo models.Repo, pull models.PullRequest, status models.CommitStatus, description string) error

UpdateStatus updates the status of a commit.

type Comment

type Comment struct {
	Text *string `json:"text,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type CommentEvent

type CommentEvent struct {
	Comment *Comment `json:"comment,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type CommonEventData

type CommonEventData struct {
	Actor       *Actor       `json:"actor,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	PullRequest *PullRequest `json:"pullRequest,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type MergeStatus added in v0.4.13

type MergeStatus struct {
	CanMerge   *bool `json:"canMerge,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	Conflicted *bool `json:"conflicted,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type Project

type Project struct {
	Name *string `json:"name,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	Key  *string `json:"key,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type PullRequest

type PullRequest struct {
	ID        *int    `json:"id,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	FromRef   *Ref    `json:"fromRef,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	ToRef     *Ref    `json:"toRef,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	State     *string `json:"state,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	Reviewers []struct {
		Approved *bool `json:"approved,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	} `json:"reviewers,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type PullRequestEvent

type PullRequestEvent struct {

type Ref

type Ref struct {
	Repository   *Repository `json:"repository,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	DisplayID    *string     `json:"displayId,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	LatestCommit *string     `json:"latestCommit,omitempty" validate:"required"`

type Repository

type Repository struct {
	Slug    *string  `json:"slug,omitempty" validate:"required"`
	Project *Project `json:"project,omitempty" validate:"required"`

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