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func Split

func Split(url string) (string, string, string, string)

Split splits an URL in to its major components (scheme, opaque, query, fragment)


type URL

type URL struct {
	Input string

	Scheme   string
	Opaque   string
	Query    string
	Fragment string

	// Elements of Opaque
	Authority string
	Path      string

	// Elements of Authority
	UserInfo string
	Host     string
	Port     string

URL represents state for a parsed URL URL = scheme://opaque?query#fragment opaque = userinfo@host:port/path

func Parse

func Parse(url string) *URL

Parse splits an URL in to as many parts as it can

func ParseWithDefaults

func ParseWithDefaults(input string, defaults *URL) *URL

func (*URL) HostAndPort

func (u *URL) HostAndPort() string

func (*URL) Normalize

func (u *URL) Normalize() *URL

Normalize is intended to produce an expanded and valid URL representation It is presently incomplete (also read not even started).

func (*URL) ToNetURL

func (u *URL) ToNetURL() *url.URL

ToNetURL converts an earl.URL in to a net/url.URL

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