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Package acctest contains for Terraform Acceptance Tests



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const (
	// CharSetAlphaNum is the alphanumeric character set for use with
	// RandStringFromCharSet
	CharSetAlphaNum = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz012346789"

	// CharSetAlpha is the alphabetical character set for use with
	// RandStringFromCharSet
	CharSetAlpha = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
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const SkipRemoteTestsEnvVar = "TF_SKIP_REMOTE_TESTS"

SkipRemoteTestsEnvVar is an environment variable that can be set by a user running the tests in an environment with limited network connectivity. By default, tests requiring internet connectivity make an effort to skip if no internet is available, but in some cases the smoke test will pass even though the test should still be skipped.


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func RandInt

func RandInt() int

RandInt generates a random integer

func RandString

func RandString(strlen int) string

RandString generates a random alphanumeric string of the length specified

func RandStringFromCharSet

func RandStringFromCharSet(strlen int, charSet string) string

RandStringFromCharSet generates a random string by selecting characters from the charset provided

func RemoteTestPrecheck added in v0.6.10

func RemoteTestPrecheck(t *testing.T)

RemoteTestPrecheck is meant to be run by any unit test that requires outbound internet connectivity. The test will be skipped if it's unavailable.


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