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func AddBrokerCron

func AddBrokerCron(scheduleStr string, brokerEvent *pb.BrokerEvent, scs *pb.Schedule, isOneTime bool) (jobID cron.EntryID, err error)

AddBrokerCron add cron to emit broker-call events

func AddGrpcCron

func AddGrpcCron(scheduleStr string, grpc *pb.GrpcCall, scs *pb.Schedule, isOneTime bool) (jobID cron.EntryID, err error)

AddGrpcCron add cron to emit grpc-call events

func RemoveCron

func RemoveCron(jobID cron.EntryID, isOneTime bool)

RemoveCron aa


type Server

type Server struct {

Server 事件驱动服务间流程控制方法,提供基本的数据库操作方法

func (*Server) CancelSchedule

func (s *Server) CancelSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.Schedule) (*pb.Schedule, error)

CancelSchedule CancelSchedule

func (*Server) CreateBrokerSchedule

func (s *Server) CreateBrokerSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateBrokerScheduleRequest) (*pb.Schedule, error)

CreateBrokerSchedule CreateBrokerSchedule

func (*Server) CreateGrpcSchedule

func (s *Server) CreateGrpcSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateGrpcScheduleRequest) (*pb.Schedule, error)

CreateGrpcSchedule aaa

func (*Server) CreateOneTimeBrokerSchedule

func (s *Server) CreateOneTimeBrokerSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateBrokerScheduleRequest) (*pb.Schedule, error)

CreateOneTimeBrokerSchedule CreateOneTimeBrokerSchedule

func (*Server) CreateOneTimeGrpcSchedule

func (s *Server) CreateOneTimeGrpcSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateGrpcScheduleRequest) (*pb.Schedule, error)

CreateOneTimeGrpcSchedule CreateOneTimeGrpcSchedule

func (*Server) ListSchedule

func (s *Server) ListSchedule(req *pb.ListScheduleRequest, server pb.ScheduleService_ListScheduleServer) (err error)

ListSchedule aaaa

func (*Server) UpdateBrokerSchedule

func (s *Server) UpdateBrokerSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.UpdateBrokerScheduleRequest) (sd *pb.Schedule, err error)

UpdateBrokerSchedule UpdateBrokerSchedule

func (*Server) UpdateGrpcSchedule

func (s *Server) UpdateGrpcSchedule(ctx context.Context, req *pb.UpdateGrpcScheduleRequest) (sd *pb.Schedule, err error)

UpdateGrpcSchedule UpdateGrpcSchedule

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