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The YANG-module for Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM). The module defines configuration and operational data for the following features: PIM Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) PIM Source-Specific Multicast (PIM-SSM) Bidirectional PIM (Bidir-PIM) Anycast-RP for PIM Bootstrap Router (BSR) for PIM PIM Dense Mode (PIM-DM) Auto-RP - Cisco-propriatary



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type AsmMappingMode

type AsmMappingMode struct {

func (AsmMappingMode) String

func (id AsmMappingMode) String() string

type DmMappingMode

type DmMappingMode struct {

func (DmMappingMode) String

func (id DmMappingMode) String() string

type GroupToRpMappingMode

type GroupToRpMappingMode struct {

func (GroupToRpMappingMode) String

func (id GroupToRpMappingMode) String() string

type MrouteProtocolType

type MrouteProtocolType string

MrouteProtocolType represents those protocols need be supported.

const (
	MrouteProtocolType_other MrouteProtocolType = "other"

	MrouteProtocolType_local MrouteProtocolType = "local"

	MrouteProtocolType_netmgmt MrouteProtocolType = "netmgmt"

	MrouteProtocolType_dvmrp MrouteProtocolType = "dvmrp"

	MrouteProtocolType_mospf MrouteProtocolType = "mospf"

	MrouteProtocolType_pimSparseDense MrouteProtocolType = "pimSparseDense"

	MrouteProtocolType_cbt MrouteProtocolType = "cbt"

	MrouteProtocolType_pimSparseMode MrouteProtocolType = "pimSparseMode"

	MrouteProtocolType_pimDenseMode MrouteProtocolType = "pimDenseMode"

	MrouteProtocolType_igmpOnly MrouteProtocolType = "igmpOnly"

	MrouteProtocolType_bgmp MrouteProtocolType = "bgmp"

	MrouteProtocolType_msdp MrouteProtocolType = "msdp"

type Origin

type Origin string

Origin represents This type verify all uses of origin in model describes where a state was learned.

const (
	// The state's origin is none of the available sources or it is unknown.
	Origin_other_origin Origin = "other-origin"

	// PIM-request-states are learned by PIM joins (between PIM-routers).
	Origin_pim_request Origin = "pim-request"

	// SSM-Request-states are learned by SSM channel subscription, e.g., through
	// IGMP3 (primarily only on last-hop-routers, although routers within the domain can keep
	// this origin-type
	// ).
	Origin_ssm_request Origin = "ssm-request"

	// Fixed states are created automatically by the router at startup, to
	// correspond to the well-defined prefixes of link-local and unroutable group addresses.
	// These states are never destroyed.
	Origin_fixed Origin = "fixed"

	// Embedded states are created by the router to correspond to group
	// prefixes that are to be treated as being in Embedded-RP format.
	Origin_embedded Origin = "embedded"

	// Static states are created and destroyed as a result of static configuration.
	Origin_static Origin = "static"

	// Config-SSM states are created and destroyed as a result of configuration
	// of SSM address ranges to the local router.
	Origin_config_ssm Origin = "config-ssm"

	// Auto-RP states are created as a result of running Cisco's Auto-RP mechanism.
	Origin_auto_rp Origin = "auto-rp"

	// BSR states are created as a result of running the PIM Bootstrap Router
	// (BSR) mechanism.
	Origin_bsr Origin = "bsr"

	// MSDP states are (*, G)-entries learned through a Multicast Source Discovery
	// Protocol (MSDP) peer. This origin is applicable only for an RP running MSDP.
	Origin_msdp Origin = "msdp"

type OtherMappingMode

type OtherMappingMode struct {

func (OtherMappingMode) String

func (id OtherMappingMode) String() string

type PimBidirMappingMode

type PimBidirMappingMode struct {

func (PimBidirMappingMode) String

func (id PimBidirMappingMode) String() string

type PimMode

type PimMode string

PimMode represents PIM mode active on an interface.

const (
	// PIM sparse mode enabled on interface
	PimMode_sparse PimMode = "sparse"

	// PIM dense mode enable on interface.
	PimMode_dense PimMode = "dense"

	// PIM dense mode enable on interface.
	PimMode_sparse_dense PimMode = "sparse-dense"

	// PIM dense mode enable on interface.
	PimMode_dm_proxy PimMode = "dm-proxy"

	// PIM dense mode enable on interface.
	PimMode_none PimMode = "none"

type RouteProtocolType

type RouteProtocolType string

RouteProtocolType represents protocols need be supported.

const (
	RouteProtocolType_other RouteProtocolType = "other"

	RouteProtocolType_local RouteProtocolType = "local"

	RouteProtocolType_netmgmt RouteProtocolType = "netmgmt"

	RouteProtocolType_icmp RouteProtocolType = "icmp"

	RouteProtocolType_egp RouteProtocolType = "egp"

	RouteProtocolType_ggp RouteProtocolType = "ggp"

	RouteProtocolType_hello RouteProtocolType = "hello"

	RouteProtocolType_rip RouteProtocolType = "rip"

	RouteProtocolType_isIs RouteProtocolType = "isIs"

	RouteProtocolType_esIs RouteProtocolType = "esIs"

	RouteProtocolType_ciscoIgrp RouteProtocolType = "ciscoIgrp"

	RouteProtocolType_bbnSpfIgp RouteProtocolType = "bbnSpfIgp"

	RouteProtocolType_ospf RouteProtocolType = "ospf"

	RouteProtocolType_bgp RouteProtocolType = "bgp"

	RouteProtocolType_idpr RouteProtocolType = "idpr"

	RouteProtocolType_ciscoEigrp RouteProtocolType = "ciscoEigrp"

	RouteProtocolType_dvmrp RouteProtocolType = "dvmrp"

type SmMappingMode

type SmMappingMode struct {

func (SmMappingMode) String

func (id SmMappingMode) String() string

type SsmMappingMode

type SsmMappingMode struct {

func (SsmMappingMode) String

func (id SsmMappingMode) String() string

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