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This module contains a collection of YANG definitions for monitoring power over ethernet feature in a Network Element. Copyright (c) 2016-2018 by Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.



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type IlpowerPdClass

type IlpowerPdClass string

IlpowerPdClass represents Name of the power class

const (
	// List of POE interfaces, keyed by interface name
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_null IlpowerPdClass = "poe-null"

	// Power class unknown
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_unknown IlpowerPdClass = "poe-unknown"

	// Power class cisco
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_cisco IlpowerPdClass = "poe-cisco"

	// IEEE power class 0
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee0 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee0"

	// IEEE power class 1
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee1 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee1"

	// IEEE power class 2
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee2 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee2"

	// IEEE power class 3
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee3 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee3"

	// IEEE power class 4
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee4 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee4"

	// IEEE power class 5
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee5 IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee5"

	// IEEE power class unknown
	IlpowerPdClass_poe_ieee_unknown_class IlpowerPdClass = "poe-ieee-unknown-class"

type PoeOperData

type PoeOperData struct {
	EntityData types.CommonEntityData
	YFilter    yfilter.YFilter

	// List of POE interfaces, keyed by interface name. The type is slice of
	// PoeOperData_PoePort.
	PoePort []*PoeOperData_PoePort

PoeOperData Informaton about POEs

func (*PoeOperData) GetEntityData

func (poeOperData *PoeOperData) GetEntityData() *types.CommonEntityData

type PoeOperData_PoePort

type PoeOperData_PoePort struct {
	EntityData types.CommonEntityData
	YFilter    yfilter.YFilter
	YListKey   string

	// This attribute is a key. Name of the POE interface. The type is string.
	IntfName interface{}

	// POE interface admin state. The type is bool.
	PoeIntfEnabled interface{}

	// Power used by PD device. The type is string with range:
	// -92233720368547758.08..92233720368547758.07.
	PowerUsed interface{}

	// Class of the PD device. The type is IlpowerPdClass.
	PdClass interface{}

PoeOperData_PoePort List of POE interfaces, keyed by interface name

func (*PoeOperData_PoePort) GetEntityData

func (poePort *PoeOperData_PoePort) GetEntityData() *types.CommonEntityData

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