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This module contains a collection of generally useful derived YANG data types.

Copyright (c) 2013-2018 by Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.



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type EthertypeMatch

type EthertypeMatch string

EthertypeMatch represents Ethertype match

const (
	// PPP over Ethernet
	EthertypeMatch_ppp_over_ethernet EthertypeMatch = "ppp-over-ethernet"

type Match

type Match string

Match represents Match

const (
	// All otherwise unmatched packets
	Match_match_default Match = "match-default"

	// Untagged packets
	Match_match_untagged Match = "match-untagged"

	// Match Dot1Q tags
	Match_match_dot1q Match = "match-dot1q"

	// Match Dot1ad tags
	Match_match_dot1ad Match = "match-dot1ad"

	// Match Dot1Q priority-tagged packets
	Match_match_dot1q_priority Match = "match-dot1q-priority"

	// Match Dot1ad priority-tagged packets
	Match_match_dot1ad_priority Match = "match-dot1ad-priority"

type Rewrite

type Rewrite string

Rewrite represents Rewrite

const (
	// Pop 1 tag
	Rewrite_pop1 Rewrite = "pop1"

	// Pop 2 tags
	Rewrite_pop2 Rewrite = "pop2"

	// Push 1 tag
	Rewrite_push1 Rewrite = "push1"

	// Push 2 tags
	Rewrite_push2 Rewrite = "push2"

	// Translate 1-to-1
	Rewrite_translate1to1 Rewrite = "translate1to1"

	// Translate 1-to-2
	Rewrite_translate1to2 Rewrite = "translate1to2"

	// Translate 2-to-1
	Rewrite_translate2to1 Rewrite = "translate2to1"

	// Translate 2-to-2
	Rewrite_translate2to2 Rewrite = "translate2to2"

type Vlan

type Vlan string

Vlan represents Vlan

const (
	// An 802.1ad VLAN
	Vlan_vlan_type_dot1ad Vlan = "vlan-type-dot1ad"

	// An 802.1q VLAN
	Vlan_vlan_type_dot1q Vlan = "vlan-type-dot1q"

type VlanTagOrAny

type VlanTagOrAny string

VlanTagOrAny represents Vlan tag or any

const (
	// Match any VLAN tag value
	VlanTagOrAny_any VlanTagOrAny = "any"

type VlanTagOrCvp

type VlanTagOrCvp string

VlanTagOrCvp represents Vlan tag or cvp

const (
	// This is the Native VLAN and C-VLAN
	// preservation is enabled
	VlanTagOrCvp_native_with_cvlan_preservation VlanTagOrCvp = "native-with-cvlan-preservation"

type VlanTagOrNative

type VlanTagOrNative string

VlanTagOrNative represents Vlan tag or native

const (
	// This is the Native VLAN
	VlanTagOrNative_native VlanTagOrNative = "native"

	// This is the Native VLAN and C-VLAN
	// preservation is enabled
	VlanTagOrNative_native_with_cvlan_preservation VlanTagOrNative = "native-with-cvlan-preservation"

type VlanTagOrNull

type VlanTagOrNull string

VlanTagOrNull represents Vlan tag or null

const (
	// Match any inner VLAN tag value
	VlanTagOrNull_any VlanTagOrNull = "any"

type VsMode

type VsMode string

VsMode represents Vs mode

const (
	// VLAN-Switched trunk mode
	VsMode_trunk VsMode = "trunk"

	// VLAN-Switched access mode
	VsMode_access VsMode = "access"

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