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func New2DPlot

func New2DPlot(model, measure, filter *mat.Dense) (*plot.Plot, error)

    New2DPlot creates new plot of the simulation from the three data sources: model: idealised model values measure: measurement values filter: filter values It returns error if the plot fails to be created. This can be due to either of the following conditions: * either of the supplied data matrices is nil * either of the supplied data matrices does not have at least 2 columns * gonum plot fails to be created


    type BaseModel

    type BaseModel struct {
    	// A is internal state matrix
    	A *mat.Dense
    	// B is control matrix
    	B *mat.Dense
    	// C is output state matrix
    	C *mat.Dense
    	// D is output control matrix
    	D *mat.Dense

      BaseModel is a basic model of a dynamical system

      func NewBaseModel

      func NewBaseModel(A, B, C, D *mat.Dense) (*BaseModel, error)

        NewBaseModel creates a model of falling ball and returns it

        func (*BaseModel) Dims

        func (b *BaseModel) Dims() (int, int)

          Dims returns input and output model dimensions

          func (*BaseModel) Observe

          func (b *BaseModel) Observe(x, u, r mat.Vector) (mat.Vector, error)

            Observe observes external state of falling ball given internal state x and input u

            func (*BaseModel) OutputCtlMatrix

            func (b *BaseModel) OutputCtlMatrix() mat.Matrix

              OutputCtlMatrix returns observation control matrix

              func (*BaseModel) OutputMatrix

              func (b *BaseModel) OutputMatrix() mat.Matrix

                OutputMatrix returns observation matrix

                func (*BaseModel) Propagate

                func (b *BaseModel) Propagate(x, u, q mat.Vector) (mat.Vector, error)

                  Propagate propagates internal state x of a falling ball to the next step

                  func (*BaseModel) StateCtlMatrix

                  func (b *BaseModel) StateCtlMatrix() mat.Matrix

                    StateCtlMatrix returns state propagation control matrix

                    func (*BaseModel) StateMatrix

                    func (b *BaseModel) StateMatrix() mat.Matrix

                      StateMatrix returns state propagation matrix

                      type InitCond

                      type InitCond struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        InitCond implements filter.InitCond

                        func NewInitCond

                        func NewInitCond(state mat.Vector, cov mat.Symmetric) *InitCond

                          NewInitCond creates new InitCond and returns it

                          func (*InitCond) Cov

                          func (c *InitCond) Cov() mat.Symmetric

                            Cov returns initial covariance

                            func (*InitCond) State

                            func (c *InitCond) State() mat.Vector

                              State returns initial state

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