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type StringSet

type StringSet map[string]struct{}

    StringSet - uses map as set of strings.

    func CopyStringSet

    func CopyStringSet(set StringSet) StringSet

      CopyStringSet - returns copy of given set.

      func CreateStringSet

      func CreateStringSet(sl ...string) StringSet

        CreateStringSet - creates new string set with given string values.

        func NewStringSet

        func NewStringSet() StringSet

          NewStringSet - creates new string set.

          func (StringSet) Add

          func (set StringSet) Add(s string)

            Add - adds string to the set.

            func (StringSet) ApplyFunc

            func (set StringSet) ApplyFunc(applyFn func(string) string) StringSet

              ApplyFunc - returns new set containing each value processed by 'applyFn'. A 'applyFn' should accept element in a set as a argument and return a processed string. The function can do any logic to return a processed string.

              func (StringSet) Contains

              func (set StringSet) Contains(s string) bool

                Contains - checks if string is in the set.

                func (StringSet) Difference

                func (set StringSet) Difference(sset StringSet) StringSet

                  Difference - returns the difference with given set as new set.

                  func (StringSet) Equals

                  func (set StringSet) Equals(sset StringSet) bool

                    Equals - checks whether given set is equal to current set or not.

                    func (StringSet) FuncMatch

                    func (set StringSet) FuncMatch(matchFn func(string, string) bool, matchString string) StringSet

                      FuncMatch - returns new set containing each value who passes match function. A 'matchFn' should accept element in a set as first argument and 'matchString' as second argument. The function can do any logic to compare both the arguments and should return true to accept element in a set to include in output set else the element is ignored.

                      func (StringSet) Intersection

                      func (set StringSet) Intersection(sset StringSet) StringSet

                        Intersection - returns the intersection with given set as new set.

                        func (StringSet) IsEmpty

                        func (set StringSet) IsEmpty() bool

                          IsEmpty - returns whether the set is empty or not.

                          func (StringSet) MarshalJSON

                          func (set StringSet) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                            MarshalJSON - converts to JSON data.

                            func (StringSet) Remove

                            func (set StringSet) Remove(s string)

                              Remove - removes string in the set. It does nothing if string does not exist in the set.

                              func (StringSet) String

                              func (set StringSet) String() string

                                String - returns printable string of the set.

                                func (StringSet) ToSlice

                                func (set StringSet) ToSlice() []string

                                  ToSlice - returns StringSet as string slice.

                                  func (StringSet) Union

                                  func (set StringSet) Union(sset StringSet) StringSet

                                    Union - returns the union with given set as new set.

                                    func (*StringSet) UnmarshalJSON

                                    func (set *StringSet) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

                                      UnmarshalJSON - parses JSON data and creates new set with it. If 'data' contains JSON string array, the set contains each string. If 'data' contains JSON string, the set contains the string as one element. If 'data' contains Other JSON types, JSON parse error is returned.

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