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const EchoContextKey = "oapi-codegen/echo-context"
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const UserDataKey = "oapi-codegen/user-data"


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func GetEchoContext

func GetEchoContext(c context.Context) echo.Context

    Helper function to get the echo context from within requests. It returns nil if not found or wrong type.

    func GetUserData

    func GetUserData(c context.Context) interface{}

    func OapiRequestValidator

    func OapiRequestValidator(swagger *openapi3.Swagger) echo.MiddlewareFunc

      Create a validator from a swagger object.

      func OapiRequestValidatorWithOptions

      func OapiRequestValidatorWithOptions(swagger *openapi3.Swagger, options *Options) echo.MiddlewareFunc

        Create a validator from a swagger object, with validation options

        func OapiValidatorFromYamlFile

        func OapiValidatorFromYamlFile(path string) (echo.MiddlewareFunc, error)

          Create validator middleware from a YAML file path

          func ValidateRequestFromContext

          func ValidateRequestFromContext(ctx echo.Context, router *openapi3filter.Router, options *Options) error

            This function is called from the middleware above and actually does the work of validating a request.


            type Options

            type Options struct {
            	Options      openapi3filter.Options
            	ParamDecoder openapi3filter.ContentParameterDecoder
            	UserData     interface{}

              Options to customize request validation. These are passed through to openapi3filter.