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The route53 package provides types and functions for interaction with the AWS Route53 service



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const APIVersion = "2013-04-01"


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func CleanChangeID

func CleanChangeID(ID string) string

CleanChangeID is used to remove the leading /change/

func CleanZoneID

func CleanZoneID(ID string) string

CleanZoneID is used to remove the leading /hostedzone/

func FQDN

func FQDN(name string) string


type AliasTarget

type AliasTarget struct {
	HostedZoneId         string
	DNSName              string
	EvaluateTargetHealth bool

type Change

type Change struct {
	Action string            `xml:"Action"`
	Record ResourceRecordSet `xml:"ResourceRecordSet"`

type ChangeInfo

type ChangeInfo struct {
	ID          string `xml:"Id"`
	Status      string `xml:"Status"`
	SubmittedAt string `xml:"SubmittedAt"`

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest struct {
	Comment string   `xml:"ChangeBatch>Comment,omitempty"`
	Changes []Change `xml:"ChangeBatch>Changes>Change"`

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsResponse

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsResponse struct {
	ChangeInfo ChangeInfo `xml:"ChangeInfo"`

type CreateHostedZoneRequest

type CreateHostedZoneRequest struct {
	Name            string `xml:"Name"`
	CallerReference string `xml:"CallerReference"`
	Comment         string `xml:"HostedZoneConfig>Comment"`

type CreateHostedZoneResponse

type CreateHostedZoneResponse struct {
	HostedZone    HostedZone    `xml:"HostedZone"`
	ChangeInfo    ChangeInfo    `xml:"ChangeInfo"`
	DelegationSet DelegationSet `xml:"DelegationSet"`

type DelegationSet

type DelegationSet struct {
	NameServers []string `xml:"NameServers>NameServer"`

type DeleteHostedZoneResponse

type DeleteHostedZoneResponse struct {
	ChangeInfo ChangeInfo `xml:"ChangeInfo"`

type GetChangeResponse

type GetChangeResponse struct {
	ChangeInfo ChangeInfo `xml:"ChangeInfo"`

type GetHostedZoneResponse

type GetHostedZoneResponse struct {
	HostedZone    HostedZone    `xml:"HostedZone"`
	DelegationSet DelegationSet `xml:"DelegationSet"`

type HostedZone

type HostedZone struct {
	ID              string `xml:"Id"`
	Name            string `xml:"Name"`
	CallerReference string `xml:"CallerReference"`
	Comment         string `xml:"Config>Comment"`
	ResourceCount   int    `xml:"ResourceRecordSetCount"`

type ListHostedZonesResponse

type ListHostedZonesResponse struct {
	HostedZones []HostedZone `xml:"HostedZones>HostedZone"`
	Marker      string       `xml:"Marker"`
	IsTruncated bool         `xml:"IsTruncated"`
	NextMarker  string       `xml:"NextMarker"`
	MaxItems    int          `xml:"MaxItems"`

type ListOpts

type ListOpts struct {
	Name       string
	Type       string
	Identifier string
	MaxItems   int

type ListResourceRecordSetsResponse

type ListResourceRecordSetsResponse struct {
	Records              []ResourceRecordSet `xml:"ResourceRecordSets>ResourceRecordSet"`
	IsTruncated          bool                `xml:"IsTruncated"`
	MaxItems             int                 `xml:"MaxItems"`
	NextRecordName       string              `xml:"NextRecordName"`
	NextRecordType       string              `xml:"NextRecordType"`
	NextRecordIdentifier string              `xml:"NextRecordIdentifier"`

type ResourceRecordSet

type ResourceRecordSet struct {
	Name          string       `xml:"Name"`
	Type          string       `xml:"Type"`
	TTL           int          `xml:"TTL"`
	Records       []string     `xml:"ResourceRecords>ResourceRecord>Value,omitempty"`
	SetIdentifier string       `xml:"SetIdentifier,omitempty"`
	Weight        int          `xml:"Weight,omitempty"`
	HealthCheckId string       `xml:"HealthCheckId,omitempty"`
	Region        string       `xml:"Region,omitempty"`
	Failover      string       `xml:"Failover,omitempty"`
	AliasTarget   *AliasTarget `xml:"AliasTarget,omitempty"`

	RecordsXML string `xml:",innerxml"`

type Route53

type Route53 struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

The Route53 type encapsulates operations operations with the route53 endpoint.

func New

func New(auth aws.Auth, region aws.Region) *Route53

New creates a new ELB instance.

func NewWithClient

func NewWithClient(auth aws.Auth, region aws.Region, httpClient *http.Client) *Route53

func (*Route53) ChangeResourceRecordSets

func (r *Route53) ChangeResourceRecordSets(zone string,
	req *ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest) (*ChangeResourceRecordSetsResponse, error)

func (*Route53) CreateHostedZone

func (r *Route53) CreateHostedZone(req *CreateHostedZoneRequest) (*CreateHostedZoneResponse, error)

CreateHostedZone is used to create a new hosted zone

func (*Route53) DeleteHostedZone

func (r *Route53) DeleteHostedZone(ID string) (*DeleteHostedZoneResponse, error)

func (*Route53) GetChange

func (r *Route53) GetChange(ID string) (string, error)

func (*Route53) GetHostedZone

func (r *Route53) GetHostedZone(ID string) (*GetHostedZoneResponse, error)

func (*Route53) ListHostedZones

func (r *Route53) ListHostedZones(marker string, maxItems int) (*ListHostedZonesResponse, error)

func (*Route53) ListResourceRecordSets

func (r *Route53) ListResourceRecordSets(zone string, lopts *ListOpts) (*ListResourceRecordSetsResponse, error)

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