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type ClusterUninstaller

type ClusterUninstaller struct {

	// Filters is a slice of filters for matching resources.  A
	// resources matches the whole slice if it matches any of the
	// entries.  For example:
	//   filter := []map[string]string{
	//     {
	//       "a": "b",
	//       "c": "d:,
	//     },
	//     {
	//       "d": "e",
	//     },
	//   }
	// will match resources with (a:b and c:d) or d:e.
	Filters   []Filter // filter(s) we will be searching for
	Logger    logrus.FieldLogger
	Region    string
	ClusterID string

    ClusterUninstaller holds the various options for the cluster we want to delete

    func (*ClusterUninstaller) Run

    func (o *ClusterUninstaller) Run() error

      Run is the entrypoint to start the uninstall process

      type Filter

      type Filter map[string]string

        Filter holds the key/value pairs for the tags we will be matching against.

        A resource matches the filter if all of the key/value pairs are in its tags.

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