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Package config provides a way to find and load SOPS configuration files



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func FindConfigFile

func FindConfigFile(start string) (string, error)

FindConfigFile looks for a sops config file in the current working directory and on parent directories, up to the limit defined by the maxDepth constant.


type Config

type Config struct {
	KeyGroups         []sops.KeyGroup
	ShamirThreshold   int
	UnencryptedSuffix string
	EncryptedSuffix   string
	UnencryptedRegex  string
	EncryptedRegex    string
	Destination       publish.Destination
	OmitExtensions    bool

Config is the configuration for a given SOPS file

func LoadCreationRuleForFile

func LoadCreationRuleForFile(confPath string, filePath string, kmsEncryptionContext map[string]*string) (*Config, error)

LoadCreationRuleForFile load the configuration for a given SOPS file from the config file at confPath. A kmsEncryptionContext should be provided for configurations that do not contain key groups, as there's no way to specify context inside a SOPS config file outside of key groups.

func LoadDestinationRuleForFile

func LoadDestinationRuleForFile(confPath string, filePath string, kmsEncryptionContext map[string]*string) (*Config, error)

LoadDestinationRuleForFile works the same as LoadCreationRuleForFile, but gets the "creation_rule" from the matching destination_rule's "recreation_rule".

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