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This library allows integrating agents from the DialogFlow natural language processing service with your Golang application.


Create an DialogFlow account.


go get github.com/mlabouardy/dialogflow-go-client


  • Queries
  • Contexts
  • Intents
  • UserIntents
  • Entities


  • Create main.go file with the following code:
package main

import (
	. "github.com/mlabouardy/dialogflow-go-client"
	. "github.com/mlabouardy/dialogflow-go-client/models"

func main() {
	err, client := NewDialogFlowClient(Options{
		AccessToken: "<API.AI TOKEN GOES HERE>",
	if err != nil {

	entities, err := client.EntitiesFindAllRequest()
	if err != nil {
	for _, entity := range entities {
  • Run following command.
go run main.go
  • Your can find more examples in examples directory.



Documentation is available at https://dialogflow.com/docs.




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type DialogFlowClient

type DialogFlowClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDialogFlowClient

func NewDialogFlowClient(options Options) (error, *DialogFlowClient)

Create API.AI instance

func (*DialogFlowClient) ContextsCreateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) ContextsCreateRequest(contexts []Context) (QueryResponse, error)

Adds new active contexts to the specified session

func (*DialogFlowClient) ContextsDeleteByNameRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) ContextsDeleteByNameRequest(name string) (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes the specified context from the specified session

func (*DialogFlowClient) ContextsDeleteRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) ContextsDeleteRequest() (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes all contexts from the specified session

func (*DialogFlowClient) ContextsFindAllRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) ContextsFindAllRequest() ([]Context, error)

retrieves the list of all currently active contexts for the specified session

func (*DialogFlowClient) ContextsFindByNameRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) ContextsFindByNameRequest(name string) (Context, error)

Retrieves the specified context for the specified session

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesAddEntryRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesAddEntryRequest(eid string, entries []Entry) (QueryResponse, error)

Adds entries to the specified entity.

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesCreateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesCreateRequest(entity Entity) (QueryResponse, error)

Creates a new entity

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesDeleteEntriesRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesDeleteEntriesRequest(eid string, values []string) (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes entity entries

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesDeleteRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesDeleteRequest(eid string) (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes the specified entity

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesFindAllRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesFindAllRequest() ([]Entity, error)

Retrieves a list of all entities for the agent

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesFindByIdRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesFindByIdRequest(eid string) (Entity, error)

Retrieves the specified entity

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateEntityEntriesRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateEntityEntriesRequest(eid string, entries []Entry) (QueryResponse, error)

Updates entity entries

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateEntityRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateEntityRequest(eid string, entity Entity) (QueryResponse, error)

Updates the specified entity

func (*DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) EntitiesUpdateRequest(entities []Entity) (QueryResponse, error)

Creates or updates an array of entities

func (*DialogFlowClient) GetAccessToken

func (client *DialogFlowClient) GetAccessToken() string

GET API.AI access token

func (*DialogFlowClient) GetApiLang

func (client *DialogFlowClient) GetApiLang() string

GET API.AI language

func (*DialogFlowClient) GetApiVersion

func (client *DialogFlowClient) GetApiVersion() string

GET API.AI version

func (*DialogFlowClient) GetBaseUrl

func (client *DialogFlowClient) GetBaseUrl() string

Get API.AI base url

func (*DialogFlowClient) GetSessionID

func (client *DialogFlowClient) GetSessionID() string

Get current session ID

func (*DialogFlowClient) IntentsCreateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) IntentsCreateRequest(intent Intent) (QueryResponse, error)

Creates a new intent

func (*DialogFlowClient) IntentsDeleteRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) IntentsDeleteRequest(id string) (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes the specified intent

func (*DialogFlowClient) IntentsFindAllRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) IntentsFindAllRequest() ([]IntentAgent, error)

Retrieves a list of all intents for the agent

func (*DialogFlowClient) IntentsFindByIdRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) IntentsFindByIdRequest(id string) (Intent, error)

Retrieves the specified intent

func (*DialogFlowClient) IntentsUpdateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) IntentsUpdateRequest(id string, intent Intent) (QueryResponse, error)

Updates the specified intent

func (*DialogFlowClient) QueryCreateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) QueryCreateRequest(query Query) (QueryResponse, error)

Takes natural language text and information as JSON in the POST body and returns information as JSON

func (*DialogFlowClient) QueryFindRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) QueryFindRequest(query Query) (QueryResponse, error)

Takes natural language text and information as query parameters and returns information as JSON

func (*DialogFlowClient) SetSessionID

func (client *DialogFlowClient) SetSessionID(sessionID string)

Set a new seesion ID

func (*DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesCreateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesCreateRequest(userEntities []UserEntity) (QueryResponse, error)

Adds one or multiple user entities for a session.

func (*DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesDeleteByNameRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesDeleteByNameRequest(name string) (QueryResponse, error)

Deletes a user entity object with a specified name

func (*DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesFindByNameRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesFindByNameRequest(name string) (UserEntity, error)

Gets a user entity object by name

func (*DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesUpdateRequest

func (client *DialogFlowClient) UserEntitiesUpdateRequest(name string, userEntity UserEntity) (QueryResponse, error)

Updates user entity specified by name

type Request

type Request struct {
	URI         string
	Method      string
	Headers     map[string]string
	Body        interface{}
	QueryParams map[string]string

func NewRequest

func NewRequest(client *DialogFlowClient, overridedRequestOptions RequestOptions) *Request

Initialize a new HTTP request

func (*Request) Perform

func (r *Request) Perform() ([]byte, error)

Execute an HTTP request


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