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var ErrNoChange = errors.New("no changes")

    ErrNoChange is error that indicate that there are no changes to apply.

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    var ErrStackAlreadyInProgress = errors.New("stack is already in progress")
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    var ErrStackDoesntExist = errors.New("stack doesn't exist")


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    type ChSetDiff

    type ChSetDiff struct {
    	Color cli.Color

    func (ChSetDiff) Diff

    func (d ChSetDiff) Diff(chSet *ChangeSet) (string, error)

    type Change

    type Change struct {
    	Action            string
    	ResourceType      string
    	LogicalResourceID string
    	ReplacementNeeded bool

      Change is a change that is applied to the stack.

      type ChangeSet

      type ChangeSet struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func (*ChangeSet) Close

      func (cs *ChangeSet) Close() error

      func (*ChangeSet) Register

      func (cs *ChangeSet) Register() (_ *ChangeSetHandle, err error)

      func (*ChangeSet) Stack

      func (cs *ChangeSet) Stack() *Stack

      func (*ChangeSet) WithCapabilities

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithCapabilities(capabilities []string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithClientToken

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithClientToken(token string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithNotificationARNs

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithNotificationARNs(arns []string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithParameter

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithParameter(k, v string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithParameters

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithParameters(parameters map[string]string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithResourceTypes

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithResourceTypes(types []string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithRoleARN

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithRoleARN(arn string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithRollback

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithRollback(rollbackCfg *cloudformation.RollbackConfiguration) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithTags

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithTags(tags map[string]string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithTemplateURL

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithTemplateURL(url string) *ChangeSet

      func (*ChangeSet) WithUsePrevTpl

      func (cs *ChangeSet) WithUsePrevTpl(usePrevTpl bool) *ChangeSet

      type ChangeSetHandle

      type ChangeSetHandle struct {
      	ID       string
      	Changes  []Change
      	IsUpdate bool
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func (ChangeSetHandle) Exec

      func (csh ChangeSetHandle) Exec() error

      type EventsTrack

      type EventsTrack struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func (*EventsTrack) FreshEvents

      func (et *EventsTrack) FreshEvents() (StackEvents, error)

      type KeyVal

      type KeyVal struct {
      	Key string
      	Val string

      type ParametersMissingError

      type ParametersMissingError struct {
      	MissingParameters []string

      func (*ParametersMissingError) Error

      func (e *ParametersMissingError) Error() string

      type Stack

      type Stack struct {
      	Name string
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func NewStack

      func NewStack(name string, cf cloudformationiface.CloudFormationAPI, uploader *saAws.S3Uploader) *Stack

      func (*Stack) AlreadyDeployed

      func (s *Stack) AlreadyDeployed() (_ bool, err error)

      func (*Stack) BlockResource

      func (s *Stack) BlockResource(resource string) error

        BlockResource prevents a stack resource from deletion and replacement.

        func (*Stack) Body

        func (s *Stack) Body() (string, error)

        func (*Stack) ChangeSet

        func (s *Stack) ChangeSet(body string) *ChangeSet

        func (*Stack) Delete

        func (s *Stack) Delete() error

        func (*Stack) Events

        func (s *Stack) Events() ([]StackEvent, error)

        func (*Stack) EventsTrack

        func (s *Stack) EventsTrack() *EventsTrack

        func (*Stack) Exists

        func (s *Stack) Exists() (_ bool, err error)

        func (*Stack) Info

        func (s *Stack) Info() (_ StackInfo, err error)

        func (*Stack) Refresh

        func (s *Stack) Refresh()

        func (*Stack) Resources

        func (s *Stack) Resources() ([]StackResource, error)

          Resources returns info about stack resources.

          func (*Stack) UnblockResource

          func (s *Stack) UnblockResource(resource string) error

            UnblockResource discards the blocking from the resource.

            func (*Stack) Wait

            func (s *Stack) Wait() (err error)

            type StackEvent

            type StackEvent struct {
            	ID                string
            	ResourceType      string
            	Status            string
            	LogicalResourceID string
            	StatusReason      string
            	Timestamp         time.Time

              StackEvent is a stack event.

              type StackEvents

              type StackEvents []StackEvent

              func (StackEvents) Reversed

              func (se StackEvents) Reversed() StackEvents

              type StackInfo

              type StackInfo struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              func (StackInfo) AlreadyDeployed

              func (si StackInfo) AlreadyDeployed() bool

              func (StackInfo) HasParameter

              func (si StackInfo) HasParameter(k string) bool

              func (StackInfo) ID

              func (si StackInfo) ID() string

              func (StackInfo) InReviewState

              func (si StackInfo) InReviewState() bool

              func (StackInfo) Outputs

              func (si StackInfo) Outputs() []StackOutput

                Outputs returns the "outputs" of a stack.

                func (StackInfo) Parameters

                func (si StackInfo) Parameters() []KeyVal

                func (StackInfo) Status

                func (si StackInfo) Status() string

                func (StackInfo) StatusDescription

                func (si StackInfo) StatusDescription() string

                func (StackInfo) Tags

                func (si StackInfo) Tags() []KeyVal

                type StackOutput

                type StackOutput struct {
                	Key         string
                	Value       string
                	Description string
                	ExportName  string

                  StackOutput contains info about stack output variables.

                  type StackResource

                  type StackResource struct {
                  	LogicalID    string
                  	PhysicalID   string
                  	Status       string
                  	StatusReason string
                  	Type         string
                  	Timestamp    time.Time