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RDS Auth Proxy

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A two-layer proxy for connecting into RDS postgres databases based on IAM authentication.

This tool allows you to keep your databases firewalled off, manage database access through IAM policies, and no developer will ever have to share or type a password.

Running the proxy

Connecting with psql

This pairs extremely well with a tool like saml2aws to ensure all AWS/database access uses temporary credentials.


End user documentation is available on our project site.


One proxy is run in your VPC subnet that can reach your RDS instances, the other on your client machine (dev laptop, etc.) with access to aws credentials.

The client proxy is responsible for picking a host (RDS instance), and generating a temporary password based on the local IAM identity. The client proxy injects the host and password into the postgres startup message as additional parameters.

Client startup flow

The server proxy accepts a connection from the client proxy, and unpacks the host and password parameters. It then opens a connection to the RDS database and intercepts the authentication request. It then passes along the password it received from the client, and forwards the result to the client.

Auth overview


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