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const (

	// TypeBind is the type for mounting host dir
	TypeBind mountType = "bind"
	// TypeVolume is the type for remote storage volumes
	// TypeVolume mountType = "volume"  // re-enable upon use
	// TypeTmpfs is the type for mounting tmpfs
	TypeTmpfs mountType = "tmpfs"

Type constants


This section is empty.


func CreateConfigToOCISpec

func CreateConfigToOCISpec(config *CreateConfig) (*spec.Spec, error)

CreateConfigToOCISpec parses information needed to create a container into an OCI runtime spec

func CreatePortBinding

func CreatePortBinding(hostPort int, hostIP string) []nat.PortBinding

CreatePortBinding takes port (int) and IP (string) and creates an array of portbinding structs

func Device

func Device(d *configs.Device) spec.LinuxDevice

Device transforms a libcontainer configs.Device to a specs.LinuxDevice object.

func ExposedPorts

func ExposedPorts(expose, publish []string, publishAll bool, imageExposedPorts map[string]struct{}) (map[nat.Port][]nat.PortBinding, error)

ExposedPorts parses user and image ports and returns binding information


type CreateConfig

type CreateConfig struct {
	Runtime            *libpod.Runtime
	Args               []string
	CapAdd             []string // cap-add
	CapDrop            []string // cap-drop
	CidFile            string
	ConmonPidFile      string
	CgroupParent       string // cgroup-parent
	Command            []string
	Detach             bool              // detach
	Devices            []string          // device
	DNSOpt             []string          //dns-opt
	DNSSearch          []string          //dns-search
	DNSServers         []string          //dns
	Entrypoint         []string          //entrypoint
	Env                map[string]string //env
	ExposedPorts       map[nat.Port]struct{}
	GroupAdd           []string // group-add
	HostAdd            []string //add-host
	Hostname           string   //hostname
	Image              string
	ImageID            string
	BuiltinImgVolumes  map[string]struct{} // volumes defined in the image config
	IDMappings         *storage.IDMappingOptions
	ImageVolumeType    string                // how to handle the image volume, either bind, tmpfs, or ignore
	Interactive        bool                  //interactive
	IpcMode            container.IpcMode     //ipc
	IP6Address         string                //ipv6
	IPAddress          string                //ip
	Labels             map[string]string     //label
	LinkLocalIP        []string              // link-local-ip
	LogDriver          string                // log-driver
	LogDriverOpt       []string              // log-opt
	MacAddress         string                //mac-address
	Name               string                //name
	NetMode            container.NetworkMode //net
	Network            string                //network
	NetworkAlias       []string              //network-alias
	PidMode            container.PidMode     //pid
	Pod                string                //pod
	PortBindings       nat.PortMap
	Privileged         bool     //privileged
	Publish            []string //publish
	PublishAll         bool     //publish-all
	Quiet              bool     //quiet
	ReadOnlyRootfs     bool     //read-only
	Resources          CreateResourceConfig
	Rm                 bool //rm
	ShmDir             string
	StopSignal         syscall.Signal       // stop-signal
	StopTimeout        uint                 // stop-timeout
	Sysctl             map[string]string    //sysctl
	Tmpfs              []string             // tmpfs
	Tty                bool                 //tty
	UsernsMode         container.UsernsMode //userns
	User               string               //user
	UtsMode            container.UTSMode    //uts
	Volumes            []string             //volume
	WorkDir            string               //workdir
	MountLabel         string               //SecurityOpts
	ProcessLabel       string               //SecurityOpts
	NoNewPrivs         bool                 //SecurityOpts
	ApparmorProfile    string               //SecurityOpts
	SeccompProfilePath string               //SecurityOpts
	SecurityOpts       []string

CreateConfig is a pre OCI spec structure. It represents user input from varlink or the CLI

func (*CreateConfig) AddPrivilegedDevices

func (c *CreateConfig) AddPrivilegedDevices(g *generate.Generator) error

AddPrivilegedDevices iterates through host devices and adds all host devices to the spec

func (*CreateConfig) CreateBlockIO

func (c *CreateConfig) CreateBlockIO() (*spec.LinuxBlockIO, error)

CreateBlockIO returns a LinuxBlockIO struct from a CreateConfig

func (*CreateConfig) CreatePortBindings

func (c *CreateConfig) CreatePortBindings() ([]ocicni.PortMapping, error)

CreatePortBindings iterates ports mappings and exposed ports into a format CNI understands

func (*CreateConfig) GetAnnotations

func (c *CreateConfig) GetAnnotations() map[string]string

GetAnnotations returns the all the annotations for the container

func (*CreateConfig) GetContainerCreateOptions

func (c *CreateConfig) GetContainerCreateOptions() ([]libpod.CtrCreateOption, error)

GetContainerCreateOptions takes a CreateConfig and returns a slice of CtrCreateOptions

func (*CreateConfig) GetTmpfsMounts

func (c *CreateConfig) GetTmpfsMounts() []spec.Mount

GetTmpfsMounts takes user provided input for Tmpfs mounts and creates Mount structs

func (*CreateConfig) GetVolumeMounts

func (c *CreateConfig) GetVolumeMounts(specMounts []spec.Mount) ([]spec.Mount, error)

GetVolumeMounts takes user provided input for bind mounts and creates Mount structs

type CreateResourceConfig

type CreateResourceConfig struct {
	BlkioWeight       uint16   // blkio-weight
	BlkioWeightDevice []string // blkio-weight-device
	CPUPeriod         uint64   // cpu-period
	CPUQuota          int64    // cpu-quota
	CPURtPeriod       uint64   // cpu-rt-period
	CPURtRuntime      int64    // cpu-rt-runtime
	CPUShares         uint64   // cpu-shares
	CPUs              float64  // cpus
	CPUsetCPUs        string
	CPUsetMems        string   // cpuset-mems
	DeviceReadBps     []string // device-read-bps
	DeviceReadIOps    []string // device-read-iops
	DeviceWriteBps    []string // device-write-bps
	DeviceWriteIOps   []string // device-write-iops
	DisableOomKiller  bool     // oom-kill-disable
	KernelMemory      int64    // kernel-memory
	Memory            int64    //memory
	MemoryReservation int64    // memory-reservation
	MemorySwap        int64    //memory-swap
	MemorySwappiness  int      // memory-swappiness
	OomScoreAdj       int      //oom-score-adj
	PidsLimit         int64    // pids-limit
	ShmSize           int64
	Ulimit            []string //ulimit

CreateResourceConfig represents resource elements in CreateConfig structures

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