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const (
	// ExposedThroughServiceEdgeKind goes from a PodTemplateSpec or a Pod to Service.  The head should make the service's selector.
	ExposedThroughServiceEdgeKind = "ExposedThroughService"
	// ManagedByControllerEdgeKind goes from Pod to controller when the Pod satisfies a controller's label selector
	ManagedByControllerEdgeKind = "ManagedByController"
	// MountedSecretEdgeKind goes from PodSpec to Secret indicating that is or will be a request to mount a volume with the Secret.
	MountedSecretEdgeKind = "MountedSecret"
	// MountableSecretEdgeKind goes from ServiceAccount to Secret indicating that the SA allows the Secret to be mounted
	MountableSecretEdgeKind = "MountableSecret"
	// ReferencedServiceAccountEdgeKind goes from PodSpec to ServiceAccount indicating that Pod is or will be running as the SA.
	ReferencedServiceAccountEdgeKind = "ReferencedServiceAccount"
	// ScalingEdgeKind goes from HorizontalPodAutoscaler to scaled objects indicating that the HPA scales the object
	ScalingEdgeKind = "Scaling"


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func AddAllExposedPodEdges

func AddAllExposedPodEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

AddAllExposedPodEdges calls AddExposedPodEdges for every ServiceNode in the graph

func AddAllExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges

func AddAllExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

AddAllExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges calls AddExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges for every ServiceNode in the graph

func AddAllManagedByControllerPodEdges added in v1.3.0

func AddAllManagedByControllerPodEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

AddAllManagedByControllerPodEdges calls AddManagedByControllerPodEdges for every node in the graph TODO: should do this through an interface (selects pods)

func AddAllMountableSecretEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddAllMountableSecretEdges(g osgraph.Graph)

func AddAllMountedSecretEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddAllMountedSecretEdges(g osgraph.Graph)

func AddAllRequestedServiceAccountEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddAllRequestedServiceAccountEdges(g osgraph.Graph)

func AddExposedPodEdges

func AddExposedPodEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *kubegraph.ServiceNode)

AddExposedPodEdges ensures that a directed edge exists between a service and all the pods in the graph that match the service selector

func AddExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges

func AddExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *kubegraph.ServiceNode)

AddExposedPodTemplateSpecEdges ensures that a directed edge exists between a service and all the PodTemplateSpecs in the graph that match the service selector

func AddHPAScaleRefEdges added in v1.3.0

func AddHPAScaleRefEdges(g osgraph.Graph)

func AddManagedByControllerPodEdges added in v1.3.0

func AddManagedByControllerPodEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, to graph.Node, namespace string, selector map[string]string)

AddManagedByControllerPodEdges ensures that a directed edge exists between a controller and all the pods in the graph that match the label selector

func AddMountableSecretEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddMountableSecretEdges(g osgraph.Graph, saNode *kubegraph.ServiceAccountNode)

func AddMountedSecretEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddMountedSecretEdges(g osgraph.Graph, podSpec *kubegraph.PodSpecNode)

func AddRequestedServiceAccountEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddRequestedServiceAccountEdges(g osgraph.Graph, podSpecNode *kubegraph.PodSpecNode)


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