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type ClusterRoleStorage

type ClusterRoleStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClusterRoleStorage

func NewClusterRoleStorage(clusterPolicyRegistry clusterpolicyregistry.Registry, clusterBindingRegistry clusterpolicybindingregistry.Registry, cachedRuleResolver rulevalidation.AuthorizationRuleResolver) *ClusterRoleStorage

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) Create

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) CreateClusterRoleWithEscalation added in v1.1.4

func (m *ClusterRoleStorage) CreateClusterRoleWithEscalation(ctx kapi.Context, obj *authorizationapi.ClusterRole) (*authorizationapi.ClusterRole, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) CreateRoleWithEscalation added in v1.1.4

func (m *ClusterRoleStorage) CreateRoleWithEscalation(ctx kapi.Context, obj *authorizationapi.Role) (*authorizationapi.Role, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) Delete

func (s *ClusterRoleStorage) Delete(ctx kapi.Context, name string, options *kapi.DeleteOptions) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) Get

func (s *ClusterRoleStorage) Get(ctx kapi.Context, name string) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) List

func (s *ClusterRoleStorage) List(ctx kapi.Context, options *kapi.ListOptions) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) New

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) NewList

func (s *ClusterRoleStorage) NewList() runtime.Object

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) Update

func (s *ClusterRoleStorage) Update(ctx kapi.Context, name string, objInfo rest.UpdatedObjectInfo) (runtime.Object, bool, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) UpdateClusterRoleWithEscalation added in v1.1.4

func (m *ClusterRoleStorage) UpdateClusterRoleWithEscalation(ctx kapi.Context, obj *authorizationapi.ClusterRole) (*authorizationapi.ClusterRole, bool, error)

func (*ClusterRoleStorage) UpdateRoleWithEscalation added in v1.1.4

func (m *ClusterRoleStorage) UpdateRoleWithEscalation(ctx kapi.Context, obj *authorizationapi.Role) (*authorizationapi.Role, bool, error)

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