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const BaseURL = "https://storage.bunnycdn.com"

BaseURL for BunnyCDN storage API


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type BCDNObject

type BCDNObject struct {
	GUID            string   `json:"Guid"`
	StorageZoneName string   `json:"StorageZoneName"`
	Path            string   `json:"Path"`
	ObjectName      string   `json:"ObjectName"`
	Length          int      `json:"Length"`
	LastChanged     BCDNTime `json:"LastChanged"`
	ServerID        int      `json:"ServerId"`
	IsDirectory     bool     `json:"IsDirectory"`
	UserID          string   `json:"UserId"`
	DateCreated     BCDNTime `json:"DateCreated"`
	StorageZoneID   int      `json:"StorageZoneId"`
	Checksum        string   `json:"Checksum"`
	ReplicatedZones string   `json:"ReplicatedZones"`

BCDNObject maps to BunnyCDN Storage API's response object

type BCDNStorage

type BCDNStorage struct {
	ZoneName string
	APIKey   string

BCDNStorage contains storage & access information

func (*BCDNStorage) Delete

func (s *BCDNStorage) Delete(path string) error

Delete path from BunnyCDN storage

func (*BCDNStorage) Get

func (s *BCDNStorage) Get(path string) (string, error)

Get fetches file from BCDN storage and returns the content.

func (*BCDNStorage) List

func (s *BCDNStorage) List(path string) ([]BCDNObject, error)

List returns BCDNObject list that exists under the path

func (*BCDNStorage) Upload

func (s *BCDNStorage) Upload(path string, content []byte, checksum string) error

Delete path from BunnyCDN storage

type BCDNTime

type BCDNTime struct {

BCDNTime is used to parse BCDNObject time

func (*BCDNTime) UnmarshalJSON

func (t *BCDNTime) UnmarshalJSON(buf []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON uses 3 formats for datetime objects

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