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obs-scene-switcher is a command-line remote control for OBS. It requires the obs-websocket plugin to be installed on your system.


Make sure you have a working Go environment (Go 1.11 or higher is required). See the install instructions.

To install obs-scene-switcher, simply run:

go get github.com/muesli/obs-scene-switcher


Edit scenes.toml and define which scenes you want to be connected to which windows, e.g.:

    scene_name = "Be Right Back"

    scene_name = "IDE"
    window_class = "code-oss"

    scene_name = "Terminal"
    window_name = "Konsole"

    scene_name = "Browser"
    window_class = "Chromium"

In plain english, this means that whenever you focus your VS Code window, OBS will be asked to switch to the scene called IDE. If you focus your Konsole window it switches to the scene Terminal, and so on.

The away_scenes define scenes which, when currently active, temporarily stop automatic scene switching. This is useful for keeping special scenes active, like a "Be Right Back" mode you only want to manually disable again.


Start obs-scene-switcher:

obs-scene-switcher -config scenes.toml


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