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const (
	FilenameLabel = "filename"


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type Config

type Config struct {
	SyncPeriod time.Duration `yaml:"sync_period"`
	Stdin      bool          `yaml:"stdin"`

Config describes behavior for Target

func (*Config) RegisterFlags

func (cfg *Config) RegisterFlags(flags *flag.FlagSet)

RegisterFlags register flags.

func (*Config) RegisterFlagsWithPrefix

func (cfg *Config) RegisterFlagsWithPrefix(prefix string, f *flag.FlagSet)

RegisterFlags with prefix registers flags where every name is prefixed by prefix. If prefix is a non-empty string, prefix should end with a period.

type FileTarget

type FileTarget struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FileTarget describes a particular set of logs. nolint:golint

func NewFileTarget

func NewFileTarget(logger log.Logger, handler api.EntryHandler, positions positions.Positions, path string, labels model.LabelSet, discoveredLabels model.LabelSet, targetConfig *Config) (*FileTarget, error)

NewFileTarget create a new FileTarget.

func (*FileTarget) Details

func (t *FileTarget) Details() interface{}

Details implements a Target

func (*FileTarget) DiscoveredLabels

func (t *FileTarget) DiscoveredLabels() model.LabelSet

DiscoveredLabels implements a Target

func (*FileTarget) Labels

func (t *FileTarget) Labels() model.LabelSet

Labels implements a Target

func (*FileTarget) Ready

func (t *FileTarget) Ready() bool

Ready if at least one file is being tailed

func (*FileTarget) Stop

func (t *FileTarget) Stop()

Stop the target.

func (*FileTarget) Type

func (t *FileTarget) Type() target.TargetType

Type implements a Target

type FileTargetManager

type FileTargetManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FileTargetManager manages a set of targets. nolint:golint

func NewFileTargetManager

func NewFileTargetManager(
	logger log.Logger,
	positions positions.Positions,
	client api.EntryHandler,
	scrapeConfigs []scrapeconfig.Config,
	targetConfig *Config,
) (*FileTargetManager, error)

NewFileTargetManager creates a new TargetManager.

func (*FileTargetManager) ActiveTargets

func (tm *FileTargetManager) ActiveTargets() map[string][]target.Target

ActiveTargets returns the active targets currently being scraped.

func (*FileTargetManager) AllTargets

func (tm *FileTargetManager) AllTargets() map[string][]target.Target

AllTargets returns all targets, active and dropped.

func (*FileTargetManager) Ready

func (tm *FileTargetManager) Ready() bool

Ready if there's at least one file target

func (*FileTargetManager) Stop

func (tm *FileTargetManager) Stop()

Stop the TargetManager.

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