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type Countries

type Countries struct {
	Type       string            `json:"type"`
	Geometries []GeometryElement `json:"geometries"`

type CountryPageContext

type CountryPageContext struct {
	CountryCode          string      `json:"countryCode"`
	HideMap              bool        `json:"hideMap"`
	ByCountry            interface{} `json:"byCountry"`
	CountriesDailyChange interface{} `json:"countriesDailyChange"`
	CountryGroup         interface{} `json:"countryGroup"`
	StartDate            string      `json:"startDate"`
	Today                Day         `json:"today"`
	Yesterday            Day         `json:"yesterday"` // Yesterday   map[string]int64 `json:"yesterday"`
	Totals               Totals      `json:"totals"`    // Totals  map[string]int64 `json:"totals"`
	CountryVals          interface{} `json:"countryVals"`
	Feature              Feature     `json:"feature"`
	ByDayCumulative      interface{} `json:"byDayCumulative"`
	LastUpdate           string      `json:"lastUpdate"`
	ByDay                interface{} `json:"byDay"`
	TransmissionData     interface{} `json:"transmissionData"`

type CountryResult

type CountryResult struct {
	PageContext CountryPageContext `json:"pageContext"`

type Day

type Day struct {
	Confirmed           int64 `json:"Confirmed"`
	CumulativeConfirmed int64 `json:"Cumulative Confirmed"`
	Deaths              int64 `json:"Deaths"`
	CumulativeDeaths    int64 `json:"Cumulative Deaths"`

type Feature

type Feature struct {
	Type       string     `json:"type"`
	Properties Properties `json:"properties"`

type GeometryElement

type GeometryElement struct {
	Arcs       interface{}        `json:"arcs"`
	Type       *Type              `json:"type"`
	Properties GeometryProperties `json:"properties"`

type GeometryProperties

type GeometryProperties struct {
	ID        interface{} `json:"id"`
	WHORegion WHORegion   `json:"WHO_REGION"`
	ISO2Code  string      `json:"ISO_2_CODE"`
	Adm0Name  string      `json:"ADM0_NAME"`
	ISO3Code  string      `json:"ISO_3_CODE"`

type GetCountryRequest

type GetCountryRequest struct {
	CountryCode string

type GetCountryResponse

type GetCountryResponse struct {
	ComponentChunkName string        `json:"componentChunkName"`
	Path               string        `json:"path"`
	Result             CountryResult `json:"result"`

type Objects

type Objects struct {
	Countries Countries `json:"countries"`

type Properties

type Properties struct {
	ISO2Code  string `json:"ISO_2_CODE"`
	Adm0Name  string `json:"ADM0_NAME"`
	Adm0VizN  string `json:"ADM0_VIZ_N"`
	ISO3Code  string `json:"ISO_3_CODE"`
	WHORegion string `json:"WHO_REGION"`

type Totals

type Totals struct {
	Deaths                int64 `json:"Deaths"`
	CumulativeDeaths      int64 `json:"Cumulative Deaths"`
	DeathsLast7Days       int64 `json:"Deaths Last 7 Days"`
	DeathsLast7DaysChange int64 `json:"Deaths Last 7 Days Change"`
	DeathsPerMillion      int64 `json:"Deaths Per Million"`
	Confirmed             int64 `json:"Confirmed"`
	CumulativeConfirmed   int64 `json:"Cumulative Confirmed"`
	CasesLast7Days        int64 `json:"Cases Last 7 Days"`
	CasesLast7DaysChange  int64 `json:"Cases Last 7 Days Change"`
	CasesPerMillion       int64 `json:"Cases Per Million"`

type Type

type Type string
const (
	MultiPolygon Type = "MultiPolygon"
	Polygon      Type = "Polygon"

type WHOCountryByGeometry

type WHOCountryByGeometry struct {
	Type    string  `json:"type"`
	Objects Objects `json:"objects"`

type WHORegion

type WHORegion string
const (
	Afro  WHORegion = "AFRO"
	Amro  WHORegion = "AMRO"
	Emro  WHORegion = "EMRO"
	Euro  WHORegion = "EURO"
	Searo WHORegion = "SEARO"
	Wpro  WHORegion = "WPRO"

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