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type CountryInfo

type CountryInfo struct {
	Code      string `json:"code"`
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	ISO2Code  string `json:"ISO2Code"`
	ISO3Code  string `json:"ISO3Code"`
	WHORegion string `json:"WHORegion"`

CountryInfo represent Country Information

type DayData

type DayData struct {
	Death               int64 `json:"death"`
	Confirmed           int64 `json:"confirmed"`
	CumulativeDeath     int64 `json:"cumulativeDeath"`
	CumulativeConfirmed int64 `json:"cumulativeConfirmed"`

DayData represent Day Data

type DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest

type DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest struct {
	CountryCode string      `json:"countryCode"`
	Providers   []*Provider `json:"providers"`

DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest represent DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest

func (*DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest) ToJSON added in v0.2.1

ToJSON covert to JSON

func (*DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest) Validate

Validate is a validation method for DisplayCurrentDataByCountryRequest

type DisplayCurrentDataByCountryResponse

type DisplayCurrentDataByCountryResponse struct {
	Query interface{}                   `json:"query"`
	Data  *TotalCountryProviderDataList `json:"data"`

DisplayCurrentDataByCountryResponse represent DisplayCurrentDataByCountryResponse

func (*DisplayCurrentDataByCountryResponse) ToJSON

ToJSON covert to JSON

type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Code string `json:"code"`

Provider represent Provider

type ProviderList

type ProviderList []*Provider

ProviderList represent Provider List

type TotalCountryData

type TotalCountryData struct {
	CountryInfo   *CountryInfo `json:"countryInfo"`
	StartDate     string       `json:"startDate"`
	LastUpdate    string       `json:"lastUpdate"`
	TodayData     *DayData     `json:"today"`
	YesterdayData *DayData     `json:"yesterday"`
	TotalData     *TotalData   `json:"total"`

TotalCountryData represent Total Country Data

type TotalCountryProviderData

type TotalCountryProviderData struct {
	Provider    string            `json:"provider"`
	Information string            `json:"information"`
	Data        *TotalCountryData `json:"data"`

TotalCountryProviderData represent TotalCountryProviderData

type TotalCountryProviderDataList

type TotalCountryProviderDataList []*TotalCountryProviderData

TotalCountryProviderDataList represent TotalCountryProviderDataList

type TotalData

type TotalData struct {
	Death                     int64 `json:"death"`
	Confirmed                 int64 `json:"confirmed"`
	RegionCumulativeDeath     int64 `json:"regionCumulativeDeath"`
	RegionCumulativeConfirmed int64 `json:"regionCumulativeConfirmed"`

TotalData represent Total Data

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