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func GetConfigFilePath

func GetConfigFilePath(baseDir string) (string, error)

GetConfigFilePath get filepath location


type Applications

type Applications struct {
	Servers Servers `json:"servers" yaml:"servers"`

Applications represent Applications

type Cache added in v0.2.1

type Cache struct {
	ConnectionName string      `json:"connectionName" yaml:"connectionName"`
	Engine         string      `json:"engine" yaml:"engine"`
	Driver         string      `json:"driver" yaml:"driver"`
	Configurations interface{} `json:"configurations" yaml:"configurations"`

Cache represent Cache

type Caches added in v0.2.1

type Caches struct {
	SessionCache Cache `json:"sessionCache" yaml:"sessionCache"`
	TmpDataCache Cache `json:"tmpDataCache" yaml:"tmpDataCache"`

Caches represent Caches

type Captcha

type Captcha struct {
	KeyLong   int    `json:"keyLong" yaml:"keyLong"`
	ImgWidth  int    `json:"imgWidth" yaml:"imgWidth"`
	ImgHeight int    `json:"imgHeight" yaml:"imgHeight"`
	ImgURL    string `json:"imgURL" yaml:"imgURL"`

Captcha type

type Casbin

type Casbin struct {
	ModelPath string          `json:"modelPath" yaml:"modelPath"`
	Enforcers CasbinEnforcers `json:"enforcers" yaml:"enforcers"`

Casbin Type

type CasbinEnforcers added in v0.2.0

type CasbinEnforcers struct {
	DefaultEnforcerID string `json:"defaultEnforcerID" yaml:"defaultEnforcerID"`
	SystemEnforcerID  string `json:"systemEnforcerID" yaml:"systemEnforcerID"`

CasbinEnforcers type

type ConCovid19

type ConCovid19 struct {
	Covid19WHO  Covid19WHO  `json:"covid19who" yaml:"covid19who"`
	Covid19goid Covid19goid `json:"covid19goid" yaml:"covid19goid"`

ConCovid19 represent Connector Covid19

type Config

type Config struct {
	Applications Applications `json:"applications" yaml:"applications"`
	IAM          IAM          `json:"IAM" yaml:"IAM"`
	Securities   Securities   `json:"securities" yaml:"securities"`
	DirLocations DirLocations `json:"dirLocations" yaml:"dirLocations"`
	Databases    Databases    `json:"databases" yaml:"databases"`
	Connectors   Connectors   `json:"connectors" yaml:"connectors"`
	SMTPServers  SMTPServers  `json:"SMTPServers" yaml:"SMTPServers"`
	Caches       Caches       `json:"caches" yaml:"caches"`
	Indexers     Indexers     `json:"indexers" yaml:"indexers"`

Config represent Config

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(path string) (*Config, *viper.Viper, error)

NewConfig is a function to Load Configuration

type Connectors

type Connectors struct {
	Identity Identity   `json:"identity" yaml:"identity"`
	Covid19  ConCovid19 `json:"covid19" yaml:"covid19"`

Connectors represent available connectors

type Covid19WHO

type Covid19WHO struct {
	Code   string `json:"code" yaml:"code"`
	Name   string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	Server string `json:"server" yaml:"server"`
	Enable bool   `json:"enable" yaml:"enable"`

Covid19WHO represent Connector Covid19WHO - WHO

type Covid19goid

type Covid19goid struct {
	Code   string `json:"code" yaml:"code"`
	Name   string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	Server string `json:"server" yaml:"server"`
	Enable bool   `json:"enable" yaml:"enable"`

Covid19goid represent Connector Covid19goid - Indonesia

type Database

type Database struct {
	ConnectionName string `json:"connectionName"`
	Driver         string `json:"driver"`
	Username       string `json:"username"`
	Password       string `json:"password"`
	HostName       string `json:"hostName"`
	DBName         string `json:"dbName"`
	Config         string `json:"config"`
	MaxIdleConns   int    `json:"maxIdleConns"`
	MaxOpenConns   int    `json:"maxOpenConns"`
	LogMode        bool   `json:"logMode"`

Database represent Database

type Databases

type Databases struct {
	IdentityDB Database `json:"identityDB" yaml:"identityDB"`
	MainDB     Database `json:"mainDB" yaml:"mainDB"`
	LogDB      Database `json:"logDB" yaml:"logDB"`
	EmailDB    Database `json:"emailDB" yaml:"emailDB"`

Databases represent Databases

type DefaultAdmin

type DefaultAdmin struct {
	Username    string `json:"username" yaml:"username"`
	Password    string `json:"password" yaml:"password"`
	NickName    string `json:"nickName" yaml:"nickName"`
	Email       string `json:"email" yaml:"email"`
	AuthorityID string `json:"authorityID" yaml:"authorityID"`

DefaultAdmin type

type DirLocations

type DirLocations struct {
	Conf  string `json:"conf" yaml:"conf"`
	WWW   string `json:"www" yaml:"www"`
	Temp  string `json:"temp" yaml:"temp"`
	Log   string `json:"log" yaml:"log"`
	Cache string `json:"cache" yaml:"cache"`

DirLocations represent DirLocations

type EA2M

type EA2M struct {
	Server            string `json:"server" yaml:"server"`
	ClientAccessKey   string `json:"clientAccessKey" yaml:"clientAccessKey"`
	ClientSecretKey   string `json:"clientSecretKey" yaml:"clientSecretKey"`
	AllowDevToken     bool   `json:"allowDevToken" yaml:"allowDevToken"`
	DevIdentityToken  string `json:"devIdentityToken" yaml:"devIdentityToken"`
	DevIdentityClaims string `json:"devIdentityClaims" yaml:"devIdentityClaims"`

EA2M Type

type IAM

type IAM struct {
	DefaultAdmin DefaultAdmin `json:"defaultAdmin" yaml:"defaultAdmin"`
	Registration Registration `json:"registration" yaml:"registration"`
	JWT          JWT          `json:"JWT" yaml:"JWT"`
	Casbin       Casbin       `json:"casbin" yaml:"casbin"`

IAM type

type Identity

type Identity struct {
	EA2M EA2M `json:"ea2m" yaml:"ea2m"`

Identity type

type Indexer added in v0.2.2

type Indexer struct {
	ConnectionName string      `json:"connectionName" yaml:"connectionName"`
	Engine         string      `json:"engine" yaml:"engine"`
	Driver         string      `json:"driver" yaml:"driver"`
	Version        string      `json:"version" yaml:"version"`
	Configurations interface{} `json:"configurations" yaml:"configurations"`

Indexer represent Indexer

type Indexers added in v0.2.2

type Indexers struct {
	DataIndexer Indexer `json:"dataIndexer" yaml:"dataIndexer"`
	LogIndexer  Indexer `json:"logIndexer" yaml:"logIndexer"`

Indexers represent Caches

type JWT

type JWT struct {
	Issuer     string `json:"issuer" yaml:"issuer"`
	SigningKey string `json:"signingKey" yaml:"signingKey"`

JWT Type

type Listener

type Listener struct {
	Port string `json:"port" yaml:"port"`

Listener represent Listener

type MiddlewareLogger added in v0.2.0

type MiddlewareLogger struct {
	Enable bool `json:"enable" yaml:"enable"`

MiddlewareLogger type

type Middlewares added in v0.2.0

type Middlewares struct {
	Logger MiddlewareLogger `json:"logger" yaml:"logger"`

Middlewares type

type OpenAPIContact

type OpenAPIContact struct {
	Name  string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	URL   string `json:"url" yaml:"url"`
	Email string `json:"email" yaml:"email"`

OpenAPIContact represent OpenAPIContact

type OpenAPIInfo

type OpenAPIInfo struct {
	Title          string         `json:"title" yaml:"title"`
	Description    string         `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
	TermsOfService string         `json:"termsOfService" yaml:"termsOfService"`
	Contact        OpenAPIContact `json:"contact" yaml:"contact"`
	License        OpenAPILicense `json:"license" yaml:"license"`
	Version        string         `json:"version" yaml:"version"`

OpenAPIInfo represent OpenAPIInfo

type OpenAPILicense

type OpenAPILicense struct {
	Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	URL  string `json:"url" yaml:"url"`

OpenAPILicense represent OpenAPILicense

type Options

type Options struct {
	ShowEngineHeader  bool                  `json:"showEngineHeader" yaml:"showEngineHeader"`
	DisplayOpenAPI    bool                  `json:"displayOpenAPI" yaml:"displayOpenAPI"`
	Listener          Listener              `json:"listener" yaml:"listener"`
	Middlewares       Middlewares           `json:"middlewares" yaml:"middlewares"`
	OpenAPIDefinition RootOpenAPIDefinition `json:"openAPIDefinition" yaml:"openAPIDefinition"`

Options represent Options

type Registration

type Registration struct {
	ActivationURL      string `json:"activationURL" yaml:"activationURL"`
	DefaultAuthorityID string `json:"defaultAuthorityID" yaml:"defaultAuthorityID"`

Registration type

type RestAPI added in v0.2.0

type RestAPI struct {
	Name        string  `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	Version     string  `json:"version" yaml:"version"`
	Description string  `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
	Options     Options `json:"options" yaml:"options"`

RestAPI server

type RootOpenAPIDefinition

type RootOpenAPIDefinition struct {
	Info OpenAPIInfo `json:"info" yaml:"info"`

RootOpenAPIDefinition represent RootOpenAPIDefinition

type SMTP

type SMTP struct {
	Server      string `json:"server" yaml:"server"`
	Port        string `json:"port" yaml:"port"`
	Username    string `json:"username" yaml:"username"`
	Password    string `json:"password" yaml:"password"`
	SenderEmail string `json:"senderEmail" yaml:"senderEmail"`
	SenderName  string `json:"senderName" yaml:"senderName"`


type SMTPServers

type SMTPServers struct {
	DefaultSMTP SMTP `json:"defaultSMTP" yaml:"defaultSMTP"`

SMTPServers type

type Securities

type Securities struct {
	Captcha Captcha `json:"captcha" yaml:"captcha"`

Securities type

type Servers added in v0.2.0

type Servers struct {
	RestAPI RestAPI `json:"restapi" yaml:"restapi"`

Servers represent all available application server

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